Cole Lam 'Williams'

The Yukon TerritoryEdit

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"Land of the Midnight Sun"

Human Name: Cole Lam 'Williams'

Height: 5'4" (Smallest out of the three territories)

Weight: 115 lbs.

Date of Confederation: June 13, 1898

Age (appearance-wise): 17-19

Actual age: over 20,000 years

Languages: French and English, but also the languages of his First Nations


Cole's first people came over from Asia where they found him and began to raise him as their own. Cole barely remembers his time with the original 'First Nations', but he does take pride in the ones that he remembers. Russia was one of the first Europeans to meet Cole while he was exploring the Alaskian coast. Soon, Europeans began trading with the Yukon people, thus gaining the attention of 'Papa' Canada and 'Grand-pere' France.

In 17 August 1896, gold was found in Cole's house, causing the 'Yukon Gold Rush' a majour event in his history.

Personality & InterestsEdit

Cole is a pretty laid back person, but can get quite perverted (thanks to his 'Grand-pere' France, and his 'Grandmother' England). Because most of his climate is subarctic, he can come off as some-what cold to people in passing. Cole can be quite sarcastic and/or a brat, though most of the time he's pretty nice (to females mostly). He enjoys can-can, hiking, skiing, snowboarding, and generally being outdoors. His capital (and pet beaver) Whitehorse, is said to have the most comfortable climate in Canada.

Since he has some of the highest crime rates in Canada, Cole is some what of a klepto...he steals things he likes, though he steals Ontario's phone because "He's a damn workaholic, and needs to stop and smell the flowers sometimes." Honestly, I wouldn't leave any of your valuables around him, he's bound to hide them.

Cole cannot hold his alcohol, and gets sick easily due to the lasting effects of whalers introducing those things to his First Nations.


Cole is pretty short since he's the smallest of the Canadian territories. He shares the unfortunate trait of 'overly large eyebrows' due to most of his population being English, Scottish, or Irish. Cole shares looks of his First Nations, and has one stray curl that represents the Yukon River. His eyes change from blue-violet to dark violet due to the Northern Lights.


He has a good relationship with Alaska, British Columbia, Idaho, Alberta, Oregon, Washington and Montana (the PNWER).


--The Yukon was one of nine jurisdictions in Canada to offer same-sex marriages before Canada passed the Civil Marriage act.

--Cole enjoys to dress up as a CanCan dancer.
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CanCan is popular~

--He's Pansexual

--Due to his small size, The Yukon has one of the highest crime rates in Canada.