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Jacob is a character for the State-Tan Project and represents the state of West Virginia.

Personality and InterestsEdit

West Virginia is a rather laid back and low key state, letting others gather the lime light while he stays to himself. However, this has caused problems, as a lot of people tend to think of him as a loner. In reality, he's rather shy or "backwards" in the fact he focuses so much on helping his poor economy, that his social skills are lacking. His self esteem can easily be destoyed by referring to him as "Western Virginia", as he's fought to prove he is his own person.



Jacob appears to be a 19 year old male, who has medium length brown hair with longish bangs, green eyes and covered in "cute" freckles (much to his dismay). He has one ahoge that sits on top of his head, representing the city of Wheeling. Never one for standing out, Jacob tend to wear conservative, comfortable clothing usually limited to jeans, t-shirts and worn in shoes. Not being one of the largest of states, Jacob tends to wear his work boots around others in order to look a bit taller (something he attempts to hide from the taller states).


Virginia: Leslie is Jacob's dear older sister, who raised him from a tiny scattering of communities. It wasn't until the Civil War that Jacob split from Leslie (due to political differences) and became his own state. Part of him still feels guilty for leaving her at such a hard time, but he felt the need to be independent. Now the two have a wonderful sibling relationship, even if Jacob is afraid a smooth talking Joseph is going to break his sister's heart. (He's just protective).

Kentucky: Jacob's older brother and often moonshine drinking buddy. Jacob eventually joined Owen's side in the Civil War.

Alaska: Aleu has ... great assets that a guy can't help but notice. Jacob can't seem to keep his eyes for looking at these features, which usually brings much teasing from Virginia.

Colorado: Leslie happens to be Jacob's secret crush. He can't help but get tongue tied and stupid around her. How many girls does a guy find that has the same interests as himself? Even if he knows he doesn't stand a chance with her, it doesn't keep him from seeking her and offering her a hot chocolate or two.

South Carolina: Pretends to not stand the guy, due to the suave southener's ways with his sister, Virginia. Secretly, he thinks Joseph is pretty cool and tends to take most of his vacations at Myrtle Beach.

Utah: Recently managed to become Utah's first wife. Though he's still partially confused by how or why. He was mostly in it for dating tips, until WV mentioned it was like a "committment". David jumped onto the chance to propose and a dumbfounded Jacob accepted (mostly out of shock). David insists that Jacob become a good "wife", by cooking for him. He knows Jacob's weak points and manipulates them to get what he wants.

Wyoming: One of Jacob's coal mining buddies! Chey often invites him to help (even though she totally does not need a man's help) and Jacob, in return, brings her home made apple butter (he secretly likes to cook, but doesn't like others to know).


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