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State tan Miss Virginia 2 by hareno

Basic InfoEdit

Name: Leslie Newport (for the old city of Newport News)

Nicknames: Old Dominion State, Mother of Presidents

Birthday/Statehood: Born in 1607/June 25, 1788

Age: Old Granny. (I mean, OLD Dominion, MOTHER of Presidents, and the former state song, "Carry me back to OLD Virginia") Appears to be around 22-26 years of age,but is really 404.

Capital: Richmond

Tree: Flowering Dogwood

Beverage: Milk

Motto: Sic Semper Tyrannis (Thus always to tyrants)

Likes: Milk, Smithfield hams, history, tourists, visiting DC, her neighbors/southern bretheren, lavender-scented things, ponies, politics, NASCAR, peanuts, mining, hunting

Dislikes: Too much snow and ice, the "I Love New York" shirt, hurricanes, DC traffic, the DMV, northerners(depending on her mood), those that oppose her values and beliefs, and especially those who wish to limit/ take away her 2nd Amendment rights. (Right to bear arms)


Height- 5'6 (Though her normal shoes give her an added 2-4 inches)

Weight- ???

Hair- light brown with a very layered cut. The two dogwood blossoms in her hair represent the islands of Chincoteague and Assateague. They were merely buds beforehand, but blossomed when she hit puberty. If one plucks her hair flowers, new ones will grow in their place. Also, when she goes to bed, the blossoms fall off, and new ones grow in when she wakes up. She can retract the blossoms if need be, for she mostly does it to avoid stares from the unknowing humans.

Eyes- a brilliant green (not light green, not forest green) it is assumed that they may have come from England, but she feels that it is just a coincidence. Have a very very slight upward slant with a slight narrowness to them, giving a sense of maturity.

Body- She's a gynaeoid body type through and through.(this type also known as the "estrogen dominant" type) She doesn't have an overly pronounced bust, not to big nor too small. She has a small waist, but has very wide hips, also known as the "good childbearing hips", as such characteristic attributes to her "Mother of Presidents" nickname and all that implies old age. All in all she is physically very feminine.

Skin- a white gal with a healthy tan that comes from doing occasional farmwork under the Southern sun. She tends to lose that tan when she spends a lot of time in Arlington, working in the Pentagon or at the CIA. She makes sure to wear makeup everyday and will not leave her house without it. She is obsessed with her flavored lip gloss and likes wearing lipstick whenever she feels like it.

Clothes- She is conservative with herself, but finds ways to be fashionable about it, for she loves to show off her figure and to look hot as well. She especially loves shoes with elevation, whether they be stilettos or wedges. Though, when at home she's always wearing her "bumming out" clothes.Her wardrobe is filled with all kinds of red clothing, as that is her favorite color, which represents the conservative nature of her people. In support of her favorite college, Virginia Polytechnical Institute (or Virginia Tech for short!), she shows her Hokie spirit with apparel in the maroon and orange. She has apparel from her other schools, but loves Virginia Tech the best. Rumor has it that she keeps a tank top and pair of shorts with the team name "Gamecocks" on them in the back of her drawer.

Other- She always lightly smells of lavender due to using lavender-scented soaps, lotions, shampoo/conditioners, perfumes, candles, ect. that she uses. Her usage of the lavender scent dates back to her Colonial days, when the English were ever present, for lavender was a very popular plant to grow in English gardens. She loves it for its soothing/relaxing capabilities through aromatherapy. However, it has long been considered an aphrodisiac, an herb of love and passion, and according to the Cosmopolitan magazine she read in the past year, seems to be a turn-on for men. She figures its alright anyways, after all, "Virginia is for Lovers".

Representational CharacteristicsEdit

The dogwood blossoms- Represent Chincoteague and Assateague islands, where many ponies reside. Annually, the Pony Penning is held where the herds on Assateague are rounded up and they swim across the channel to Chincoteague, where the other colony of ponies resides.

Head- Her head, or brain for that matter, is Arlington, where the Pentagon is. When the Pentagon was severely hit on September 11, 2001, Virginia suffered a stroke, but was able to fully recover with time.

Stomach- Represents the Great Dismal Swamp. She has a lot of stomach problems and occasionally suffers from bloating and/or acid reflux, so she always carries Tums with her.

Heart- Represents her capital, Richmond.

Personality and Interests Edit


There's a lot to Virginia, after being around for 400 plus years. She's flirty, coy, and sophisticated, has her bouts of outgoingness, but is pretty reserved for the most part as a classy Southern lady. Virginia likes being in charge, much more of a leader than a follower, which is attributed from her past; owning large stretches of land that later became states, all the influential people and presidents, a leading state in the Revolutionary War and Civil War, and the list goes on. She is motherly by nature, always doing all she can to take care of and protect her people and the ones she cares about. Her overprotectiveness lends to other qualities, secrecy and ruthlessness. Virginia has much to hide, being were the CIA is located, holding the valuable secrets of the organization, and thus tends to keep a lot of her personal issues a secret so that they may not get in the way of what she considers "more important things." She is ruthless to those who wish to cause her people harm, so much as to go as far as execution(has the most executions of any state and still executes prisoners today.) and harsh interrogation.(the CIA and the DoD)

Virginia works extremely hard, not only assisting her boss (governor of VA), but also working in the Pentagon, for the CIA in Langley, and sometimes as a computer engineer when she's not doing anything for either of the three at the moment. She's been told that she needs to loosen up and relax, but she declines, for her work pays off, becoming among the top states for education, best to live in, economy, business, wealth, and more. She strives to maintain her credentials, an obsession with stability and security if you call it, keeping herself busy enough to not think of her loneliness. It pains her to come back from work into an empty home, or to wake up and no one to say "good morning" to. She secretly yearns for the kind of life her people have; happily married and raising a family, or at least someone to love. Due to that, she is a sucker for things like romance novels, sappy movies, and all things romantic.

She keeps in so much, morally driven by the rules, laws, and regulations of the Commonwealth, that it is hard to tell how much of her is genuinely human.

Interests Edit

To be filled...


To be filled sometime...


Original Thirteen ColoniesEdit

Delaware (Edmund Van Houton) - She and Delaware are on pretty good terms. He was named after the Virginia governor Lord De La Warr, as well as being the first state. Virginia was a little upset that he was the first to gain statehood, for she thought that as the first colony that she ought to be the first state. Business-wise, they share connections through the DuPont family's chemical industry. He has the headquarters in Wilmington, DE, and she has his largest plant in Richmond, VA. Along with Maryland, she shares the piece of land known as Delmarva (Delaware-Maryland-Virginia) with him, mostly known for the DE beaches, Ocean City, Maryland, and encompasses the Virginia islands of Chincoteague and Assateague. Virginia and Delaware are on different sides of the scientific spectrum; As an engineer, she knows physics like the back of her hand, and opposed to her, Delaware is all into chemistry. So she always asks Delaware a lot of questions about his experiments. Because DC loves the DE beaches, Virginia is often taken along, which she doesnt mind because she likes going to see Delaware.

Pennsylvania (Isabel Baker) -

New Jersey (Sean Bradley) -

Georgia (George A. Savannah) -

Connecticut (Isabella Jones) -

Massachusetts (Malinda Jones, or Mandy)-

Maryland (Alex Jones) - Is Virginia's northernly neighbor and a very close friend to her. They've shared a lot of history together, thus the reasoning for their tight friendship. Such camaraderie led to the decision that they be the ones to cede land to create the Federal District of Columbia back in the day. Out of all the states, Maryland is the one that Virginia sees the most. When she is away from her capital to work at the Pentagon, she will often visit Maryland if she has to work in the DC Metropolitan Area as well. Virginia loves going on beach trips to Ocean City, MD with Maryland, as it is one of her favorite beaches. (In VA, "going to the beach" means Ocean City, MD, Virginia Beach, VA, or Myrtle Beach, SC) Though recently, they've been drifting apart since Maryland cut her ties from the south in favor of her Mid-Atlantic brethren, for economic reasons.

South Carolina (Joseph Gable, or "Country Pumpkin") - A fellow member of the Upper South (though is one of those states that can be grouped with either the Upper or Deep South). Back in Colonial times, Virginia was head over heels for him, derived from her admiration of his success and his debonair, but she eventually got over it when she got older. Nowadays, she'll just casually flirt but only in the case that he instigates it by making a pass. Though her petty crush has gone, it may have been replaced by more genuine feelings for the ladykiller whether she is aware of it or not. She sometimes gets irritated with his rash, pig-headed tendencies, but is quick to forgive him. Virginia likes that he is a strong supporter of the military as she is, both being states of rich military tradition. Whenever she can, Virginia will vacation in the Low Country( the area where Charleston and Beaufort are), or go to Myrtle Beach in the summer to relax and to learn how to shag decently. (Note: The Carolina Shag is the official state dance of North and South Carolina, originating within the Big Band Era in the 1930's and 40's.)

New Hampshire (Thomas Martin) - Virginia is not very close to New Hampshire, especially due to the geographical distance. She does like that he likes his guns.

New York (Michael Jones) -

North Carolina (Natalia Carolyn, or "Nat" for short) - And to the south is her neighbor and close friend, North Carolina. She admires North Carolina for her great accomplishments that spread across the US, from being the first in flight to Pepsi-cola. Virginia greatly enjoys going to NASCAR events with Natalie to cheer on their favorite drivers, or go skiing on Sugar Mountain.(in NC) She shares Natalie's love for eating pigs, for there's nothing like some of NC's barbecue! In the event of hosting a pig pickin', Virginia occasionally calls on Natalie for help because she feels that she (NC) does a much better job at it. (Note: A pig pickin' is a kind of party that involves roasting a whole hog, primarily done in the American South, Hawaii, and Cuba.) The only worry that Virginia has with North Carolina, is that she's paranoid about how Natalie feels concerning what(s) going on/may go on between she(VA) and Nat's older brother, South Carolina.

Rhode Island (Nicolas William Souza-Jones)- Doesn't talk to him much nowadays, but back then they were somewhat closer. She admired him for taking the first action against England back when they were colonies. She tends to treat him like a child merely because he is so small and appears to be, much to his dismay.

Other StatesEdit

Kentucky (Owen)- The second oldest, brother of Virginia. He used to be a part of her until complications made him break off and become his own state. She is still close to him, and always loves to go ride horses with him or listen to him play the banjo. Given the responsibility as the eldest sibling, she feels it is her duty to annoy her younger siblings. She likes to tease Kentucky about the crush he has on his northernly neighbor, Illinois. He never really does anything back, for he is the more mild-mannered one of the siblings. However he enjoys teaming up with West Virginia whenever he is stalking Virginia on one of her dates, which annoys her.

West Virginia ( "Baby" Jacob)- The third oldest, brother of Virginia. He used to be a part of her as well, until he broke off in disagreement of Virginia joining the Confederacy. Nowadays, she loves to visit him so they can go coal mining or skiing together. As with Kentucky, she enjoys pestering him a lot, especially when she calls him "Baby Jacob" in front of other people. She also sometimes wishes that he wouldn’t be so overprotective all the time, especially when it comes to other men. Virginia cant help but feel the the presence of West Virginia lurking about whenever she is on a date, whether it be by the window, the bushes, or even the ceiling.

Tennessee (Samuel)- Her other westernly neighbor and a dear friend to her. She likes nothing more than to spend a lazy Sunday afternoon with him, sitting under a tree, and listen to him play his guitar. When not in the mood to relax, Virginia’d go deer hunting with him any day for a good dinner. She is always eager to hear whatever new music Samuel's people have come up, as she is a fan of his kind of music

Ohio (Ryan)- Was Virginia's former neighbor until West Virginia came to be. Ohio is her rival for the title of “Mother of Presidents.” (though, the humans of course, do not know that the one who embodies the state of Ohio is a dude.) He has 7 and she has 7. The 8th President to hail from either state is the cause of bickering, for William Henry Harrison was born and raised in Virginia, but he moved and spent the rest of his life in Ohio as well as being elected from there. Virginia likes to argue that her Presidents are better, especially being sure to list George Washington, James Monroe, Thomas Jefferson, and James Madison. Beforehand, they were on pretty good terms until the Civil War, when he ended up leading the Union, and she the Confederacy. Virginia will never forget the defeat she and her colleagues suffered to him.

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