The State of Texas
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Human Name:

Lucas Alejandro Lopez Hamilton "Jones"


Luke, Tex, (official:) The Lone Star State, (formerly:) The Republic of Texas


480+ (appears 17-19)

Height, weight:

187.96 cm (6'2), 86.18 kgs. (190 lbs.)




December 29th, 1845 (28th to join the union)


Western Cowboy outfit


State flower: Bluebonnet

No official language

Capital: Austin

Largest city: Houston

2nd highest population.

Time zone: Central-UTC-6/-5 (Tip of west TX-Mountain-UTC-7/-6)

Borders Arkansas, New Mexico, Lousiana, Oklahoma, and the country of Mexico.


Current flag


Personality & AppearanceEdit

Luke is friendly in general and somewhat mellow, despite the bipolar weather that occurs sometimes. He likes animals, many roam around freely on his land. He is fluent/bilingual in English and Spanish; he has a tendency to say 'y'all' alot. He plays many sports as a hobby-Football, soccer, baseball, etc. For a living, he is a freelance photographer.

Luke has dark reddish-brown hair with light green eyes. The two hairs on top of his head represent the Spanish and Mexican influence in his history. He has a

black star-shaped tattoo ['Lone Star'] on his right cheek, which he got after becoming independent from Mexico. Luke is somewhat tall with a slightly muscular build. He has a scar on his torso going up diagonally; he received it from Mexico during the battle of the Alamo. He used to wear glasses before becoming a state. Luke has a dreamcatcher for a keepsake from his days with the native tribes. He normally wears hoodies or whatever's comfortable, he doesn't like business suits but will wear them if he has to.


(Modern clothing, though he does not currently wear glasses)


Likes: Good food, honesty, going to music festivals, relaxing, taking photos, watching/playing sports, nature.

Dislikes: Manipulative people, spoiled brats, hypocrites, math, being confused, drug addicts, murderers, littering, stalkers, extremely bad weather (though he can adjust somewhat quickly when the weather changes suddenly).



Alfred helped him out during his war of independence from Mexico. He was annexed as a state 9 years after he became a free republic. The annexation resulted in the Mexican-American War. The Treaty of Guadalupe Hildalgo ended the two year war, gave undisputed control of Texas and set Texas's border at the Rio Grande.

Rememer The Alamo!


Luke was raised by Mexico for many years until wanting independence. The Texas Revolution lasted from October 2, 1835 to April 21, 1836. The Compromise of 1850 set Texas in its present boundaries. It resulted in the Treaty of Velasco which made Texas its own republic. They are currently on good terms.


New MexicoEdit

The two of them grew up together, being raised by Mexico. Victor is probably Luke's closest sibling. The two get along well, despite Luke breaking off from Mexico and becoming a state much sooner than his brother did. They both speak Spanish to each other every now and then, which annoys America (and a couple other states) a little bit.


There is a strong sibling-rivalry feel between these two states, though perhaps it's felt mostly on Oklahoma's side. When younger, the two played together often, though since then this has changed slightly. There's a strong football rivalry between the states, as well. On a whole, Oklahoma tends to talk badly about the other state, though in reality, the words are [mostly] full of nothing. That stated, she does get terribly irritated when both he and New Mexico speak in Spanish.


-The name Texas/Tejas originated from the Caddo tribe, meaning "friendship"

-The name Lucas/Luke is from Greek origin.

-TX's human name was originally going to be "Austin", or another city name.

-Contrary to popular belief, it is not illegal to pick bluebonnets. (state flower)

-Many of the political/miliatry leaders known in Texas history are actually from Virginia and a few other states.

-Although six flags have flown over Texas, there have been eight changes of government: Spanish 1519-1685, French 1685-1690, Spanish 1690-1821, Mexican 1821-1836, Republic of Texas 1836-1845, United States 1845-1861, Confederate States 1861-1865, United States 1865-present

-Dr Pepper was invented in Waco in 1885. The Dublin Dr Pepper, 85 miles west of Waco, still uses pure imperial cane sugar in its product. There is no period after the Dr in Dr Pepper.


Fem!TX, stealing from another OC

-For crack purposes, he genderbends when you touch his tattoo.

-Austin is considered the live music capital of the world.

-More species of bats live in Texas than in any other part of the United States.

-More wool comes from the state of Texas than any other state in the United States.

-The first word spoken from the moon on July 20, 1969 was "Houston".

-In Houston it is illegal to sell Limburger cheese on Sunday.

-In Texas, it is illegal to curse in front of or indecently expose a corpse. WTF?



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