This club is based around the project put together by the lovely *Ne0geisha. She wanted people across America and Canada to come together and show their love for Axis Powers Hetalia by creating our own state-tans, province-tans, and territory-tans. This was originally for one big picture, but why shouldn't we do more with it?

Here is the Wikia for the State-Tan Project of deviantart.

If you are a member of the STP, and signed up for a state, province, or territory, you receive your own page to edit and create a profile for this character. :)

Extra characters, such as former states, animals, cities, etc. are put under Extras.


Wikia Tips

- Members are allowed only ONE state or Province

- Whether you are a member or a fan-artist, only art work of the State-tans listed in this project will be accepted.

- City-tans will not be accepted, however it is accepted if you draw a city-tan with one of the states. Much like its accepted to draw the official Hetalia characters with the states

- Be polite to everyone in the chat room. If you have a problem with someone please take it out of the chat. Thats not fair to the other people in chat who get dragged into it.

- Many of the characters and artists in the project are gay/lesbian/bi oriented. Be respectful of this fact, whether you accept it or not.

-Do not question anyones reasoning on creating their character, do not complain about someones character. Its not your character, and the person has the right to shape their character, accuracy or not.

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