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The State of Rhode Island and Providence Plantations
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Human Name:

Nicholas W. Souza-Jones


Lil' Rhody, Nikky, Nick, shorty, Masshole jr., mini-me, (official:) The Ocean State


Appears 16-17, is in reality over 500 years old or more.

Height, weight:

midget-sized, ??? lbs.





First found:

??? 1524

Founded/Became a colony:


Independence from Great Britain:

May 4, 1776


May 29th, 1790



Before Roger Williams and Anne Hutchinson, Rhode Island was first visited by a italian explorer named Giovanni da Verrazzano in 1524. The visit was very breif. Long before any European set foot in his land, however, RI had many indian tribes, including the Naragansett, Niantic, Wompanoag, Pequot, and Nipmuc indians. They took care of the young Hetalian up until he became a colony. There is even a small chance that crusaders or vikings visited Rhode Island ( and Massachusetts) long ago, however, Nicholas' recollection of his pre-colonial life is very vague.


In 1636, a man called Roger Williams and a woman named Anne Hutchinson became the caretakers of a new colony. Instead of being just known as Rhode Island, Nicholas had a true name: The Colony of Rhode Island and Providence Plantations. Rhode Island became a colony for freedom of religion, and new ideas such as separation of church and state- the radical ideas that got Anne Hutchinson and Roger Williams kick out of Massachusett's colony. Roger Willams and Anne Hutchinson were like foster parents to the young colony (His middle name is even William). During this time, Rhode Island's relations with the other colonies was not spectacular. Particularly with Massachusetts his relations were bad, although they got better over time. One particular nickname Rhode Island picked up as a colony was "Rouge's Island" because of the radical new ideas of the colony.

After a harsh war with the Indians, (King Philip's War) progress began picking up again. Rhode Island soon became one of the main parts of the Triangular trade, shipping rum to England. Rhode Island's rum soon became the equivalent of money in some places where it was traded. Not all of the rum was made legally, however. Also, from the port's on Rhody's land came slaves to be shipped across the New World.

It didn't take long for Rhode Island to go against England. Although the country had considered himself to be Rhode Island's father-figure, Rhode Island never accepted him as so. The colony was far to Independent and believed he could survive on his own. Rhode Island became the first colony to take action against his "motherland" -by burning the ship called The Gaspee. He was also the first to declare independance against Great Britain. During the Revolution, England invaded Newport, RI's major city at the time. Being stubborn as a horse, Rhode Island tried to fend off England, but alone his army was too weak. It was during this time England shot Nick: once in the leg and another grazing his shoulder. Nicholas has not yet forgiven him. After the Revolution, He considered Alfred F. Jones to be his father.

Statehood and OnwardEdit

After the war, Rhody was the last of the 13 colonies to become a state. It was because of the fact he wanted the Bill of Rights. America, now fully grown,had to threaten his "son" into becomeing a state. Obviously, it worked. From this point on Rhode Island became proseperous and introduced things like industrialization to Alfred. Unfortunately for Rhody, by the end of the Revolution he was at his full height- and that was the start of his napoleon complex.

The Civil war was a greatly upsetting time for the 13 colonies who had helped put the country together. Rhode Island worked very hard manufacturing weaponry and supplies to aid the North in their attempt to keep the USA together.

After this and and during the Industrial Revolution Rhode Island thrived.


From the twenties on towards around the 1980s, Rhode Island became one of the major states linked to the Italian mafia (Or, one of the major states in the Eastern US.... ). It was during this time that italian immigrants flooded into Rhode Island's shores, and with them they brought their customs. Rhode Island was especially close to Lovino Vargas during the hay-day of the mafia. Controlled by the other families in New York, Rhode Island became the home base for the Patriarcha family, New England's mafia. It was one of the darker points in the state's life, a time of corruption that he never really overcame (RI's state government is known for corruption- the mayor for Providence one time was reelected even after being sent to jail). Rhode Island's pet, Red the RI red Chicken, seems to be coonnected to the mafia- wait, of course not. red is just a chicken, after all... 8I.

Rhode Island had always been against the prohibition, probably the most anti-prohibition state at the time. The 18th amendment was never ratified (Connecticut also didn't ratify this), and he, in typical Rhode Islnd stubbornness, fought against the laws passed prohibiting alcohol. Although the fight failed, Nicholas' state became a haven for bootleggers from everywhere- Canada to the Bahamas (Even Al Capone himself wanted a taste of the money RI was earning off of the illegally-obtained booze). Like quite a few other states, the mob became something of a way of life for the little state, where everyone literally knew everyone else.

Personality and InterestsEdit

Generally, Rhode Island is a laid-back and easygoing person (bordering on lazy- he hates doing his paperwork, perhaps something he got from the Italies). You might even catagorize him as "acting like an old man". Also, Nicholas is one of the most stubborn states in existence. Not only is he stubborn, but he is fiercely independent and fairly rebellious, and has one hell of a temper when his buttons are pushed (much akin to Lovino Vargas). Much like the weather in his land, Nick's emotions can change rapidly. One thing you should never do (and yet, it happens constantly... ) is to bug him about his lack of height. Despite his small stature, he is very strong. He might just throw something (eg.: bullrakes, anchors, quahogs) at you. Even though he is perhaps one of the oldest states, Rhode Island seems to be everyone's "lil' bro". In reality, he is very protective of his siblings- especially his fellow New Englanders, particularly Massachusetts.

He works on a farm, but also fishes, sails, goes quahogging, and drinks Del's and cawfeemilk. His main diet is italian cuisine and seafood ( CHOWDAH! ). He's also a hardcore Red Sox fan, much like Mass. He's joined in after-game riots more than once. He absolutely detests the Yankees, paperwork, New York, and commuting long distances. Rhody is also devoutly Catholic, considering the percentage of Roman catholics in his population.

A word of warning: it is dangerous to get Nick drunk (He is, after all, partially Irish- and has the highest amount of illegal drinking in the country )- but it is even more dangerous to let him drive, even if he's sober.



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Possibly the most obvious features to Nicholas is his lack of height. He has darker skin, thanks to having portuguese and italian herritage, as well as a sort of hazelnut-brown hair. His eyes are hazel. Rhode Island has many scars, thanks to his long and interesting history (and the fact that he's a lot smaller than the others). He also has a tattoo of his flag on his right arm. Rhode Island typically wears a blue vest over a white t-shirt, accompanied by grey shorts. He also sometimes wears a long-sleeve plaid shirt, unbuttoned, with a shirt underneath that says things like "Fuggedaboudit" or other such Rho' Dyland phrases.

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Rhode Island is so much like Massachusetts at times, he's been given nicknames such as "mini-me" and "masshole jr." by his other siblings (and MA herself). They used to not get along for a while as colonies, but they are now very much best friends, and will somewhat confide in each other. Both have a love for the same baseball teams, food, and other such things. Rhody is very protective over MA.

Rhody does often get annoyed when MA treats him like her property, unlike some of the other New England states. He's very independent, and has fought for it many times. It's a touchy subject. When MA brings it utimes he'll remind her of Salem or King Philip's war.


Rhode Island and his other neighbor get along well. Although maybe not as much as he gets along with Massachusetts (Especially when CT decides to look a lot like NY. It's creepy. ), he still cares for his other sibling very much. Although he is a bit jealous of how much more money he has. He also seems to visit him as an excuse to play slots sometimes (Mohegan Sun). In short, they're bros 4 lyf.

New YorkEdit

Just like the famous rivalry between Mass and New York, Rhode Island shared the same general dislike for the other "snooty" state. Especially during baseball season. He also harbors jealousy against the other state for reasons he doesn't want to share.

New York also used to control RI through the mafia, another thing RI really resents about this state. Plus various other things including the fact he sat on his butt a lot during the Revolution.

Also, people really, really need to stop mistaking RI as being part of NY. It just makes things worse.


These two have battled quite a few times over the title "Smallest state". Delaware wants to think he's "The biggest little state."

Other than that, RI doesn't really interact with him much, but respects him for what he did during the Revolution


RI and PA don't talk too much, but when they do they get along just fine, despite the fact PA likes to annoy him about his height.

New JerseyEdit

For the past century RI's been a lot like NJ. Nick resents him for being something of a sidekick to NY and a Yankees fan, but they have had a few similar experiences, including both of them being involved in the mafia.

RI still thinks that he has the longest coastline and densest population, whatever NJ says. He wants to be first in something other than lack of height.


She followed RI's example when asking for freedom from England. RI gives her a high five for that, but really doesn't like it when she still thinks of him as a child. Other then that, they get along fine. RI doesn't talk to her much, however.


The tall, large state from the north seems to have a liking for Rhody. To be honest, although he's gotten used to her antics, she's still pretty scary at times.

APH CharactersEdit


Rhode Island, along with the other original colonies, accepted Alfred as their father. Although a lot of the time nowadays he wonders why he even did that. Sometimes Rhody is surprised at how foolish his dad can be, but he and his dad can still get along fairly well. Now, if only his dad wouldn't forget about him so much...


Nicholas refers to England as his "gramps", despite the fact that the country was, at one point, his "father". Ever since the Revolution, he has held animosity towards the other nation. One of the main reasons he liked coffee so much, besides the wonderful taste, is because Arthur hates it. As of more recently, his hatred towards this nation has cooled down to the point where he doesn't really pay too much attention to it. They don't keep in touch, although he has gotten several calls from England about Newport, who England took a liking to. England has also accidentally called him a few times, mistaking his phone number for that of New York's.

S. ItalyEdit

Rhody was well aquainted with Romano back when he was still a big mafia hotspot. Back then, Romano was a lot like a father to him, although not in the best way. Nowadays, they rarely speak. Rhode Island and Romano share a similar personality.


Rhode Island has a fairly good relationship with his "uncle" Canada. Usually he can tell who Canada is, although sometimes he questions how so many of his exports vanish into thin air. He's interested in the vast amount of land Canada has for agriculture.


Suprisingly, Rhode Island is the state who has known Japan for the longest. Although he more well-known visit was on the "Black Ships" with Commodore Matthew Perry in the 1800s (These ships set sail from Newport), he actually met Japan forst in the 1600s when he was very young. The two seemed to get along well, despite obvious personality differences, as they both feel like old men around their siblings. Nick hasn't really kept in touch with this nation, however.


  • Rhody isn't just good at fishing and farming, he's actually pretty well known among other states for making fine silverware and jewelery.
  • Him and his "daughter" Newport introduced polo, the circus, and the first british troops to land in america (which wasn't necessarily a good thing...)
  • Roger Williams, who "founded" the colony of Rhode Island in 1636, was like an uncle to lil' Rhody. Rhody keeps many beliefs that Williams taught him, including freedom of speech and religion. After Williams died, everyone seemed to be influenced by his views.
  • Rhody's land may be small, like him, but don't be fooled. There's over 400 miles of coastline there.
  • Don't even try talking to him when there's a game. You'll have a better chance talking to a wall. Unless, of course, you're talking ABOUT the game to him.
  • Although he usually speaks English, RI scan also speak italian, portuguese, and spanish.
  • The vampires of Rhode Island were so infamous they even partially inspired some ideas for Bram Stoker's Dracula. So, naturally, every Halloween Rhody transforms into a vampire. (haha, poor guy- )
  • RI has the largest percentage of illegal drug/alchohol use in the country.
  • RI is one of the poorest states.
  • Nick is very much Italian (RI has the most dense population/percentage of Italians in the country ) but he is also portuguese, irish, and English.
  • He has a pet Rhode Island Red chicken which he has aptly named Red. it has mind control powersssss.
  • RI lives in a type of house called a stone-ender- a house building style unique to his state that was invented in the 1600s.



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