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Personality and InterestsEdit

Pierre "Quebec" Lefevre can be described by most as "that snooty French guy who won't shut up about his independence". And this is true, too. Quebec sees himself as better than the other provinces for his French heritage, and because of this, he comes off as arrogant and self-important. He much prefers French to English, and it really annoys him when people can't say his name right. It's Kay-bec, not Kweh-bec. Most of the provinces don't take him very seriously, though, especially when he threatens to sucede. Somewhat irritable around certain people (namely Ontario), he won't hesitate to badmouth certain people (namely Ontario). Quebec's past marriages to a certain someone (named Ontario) are a touchy subject that he'd prefer not to ever speak of again, despite the fact that they'll get remarried on a moment's notice to prove who was the "wife" of the relationship. He's also extremely stubborn and hardly ever changes his mind on anything, and has been known to hold grudges forever. Also, he has a freaking scary temper.

Not all is bad about Quebec, though. If he deems you as someone he likes, he'll be protective to a point. He's good friends with the northern New England states, but for the most part, American antics make him sigh and shake his head. Also, if you do anything to hurt his daughter, you'd best sleep with one eye open. He's also a very good cook, and he can live off poutine and maple syrup.

He takes hockey very seriously and it's suggested that you don't insult the sport/try and talk to him during a game.


Quebec has a tall, somewhat muscular build from the work he does outside. He has pale skin from the cold weather in his house (as well as all that snow), light blonde hair, and brown eyes. He usually wears an oversized blue sweater with sleeves that cover his hands with a white shirt underneath, jeans, and pair of black boots. Quebec can normally be seen wearing a white scarf as well. On the occasion, he's been known to wear a Canadiens jersey.

He also has an ahoge that represents the St. Lawrence River, as well as a faded scar across his chest.




Because Logan has a tendency to get into trouble, Pierre tends to worry about him often and make sure that he's alright and not doing anything to harm himself. He hates Saskatchewan's smoking habit and wishes he would quit. Logan, on the other hand, loves messing with Pierre and tackles him at any chance he can get. Despite their differences, the two are actually quite close.


While the two aren't extremely close, Nunavut has asked Quebec for romance advice and French lessons in the past.


Quebec's ex-ex-"husband". The two have been married and divorced two or three times, but it has never been for love, only economic reasons. Their marriages never last long and they constantly argue about who was the "wife". They fight a lot and can't be in the same room without arguing and name-calling. Quebec won't hesistate to point out just how much he dislikes that "arrogant, selfish -censored-", but it can be inferred that he has some feelings regarding Ontario that he'd rather not share.


Alberta happens to annoy Quebec a lot of the time, especially when he brings up the fact that he's in debt.


Maine, New Hampshire, VermontEdit

Of all the Americans, these are the three Quebec likes the most. Sometimes, they like to spend time at his house and they can bond over maple syrup. Also, he thinks the fact that Maine and Vermont can speak French (at least somewhat) is pretty cool.

South DakotaEdit

Emmett once asked him to look after his dauighter, Dollie. They have this awkward frienship-type thing going on.



Montreal is Quebec's first and only daughter. Since her mother died shortly after she was born, Quebec has to raise her on his own and can get protective of her (especially around boys). His influence on her can be seen through the way she speaks ("Franglaise") and well as the fact that she's a good cook. He can be desribed as a duting father on her.



Even though Canada is Quebec's "father-figure", Quebec happens to dislike the guy very much and wants his independence. Even though their relationship has a huge strain on it nowadays (particuarly thanks to the October Crisis), Canada does not want Quebec to leave.


Quebec hates England. Very much.


Quebec respects France for the most part, though he's still mad over France's boss' comments on his sovereignty. For this reason, he'd rather not be around the guy.


  • Pierre's name comes from the name of Quebec's Lieutenant-Governor, Pierre Duchesne.
  • Quebec's original design was a more feminine male with a ponytail, but that idea was scrapped. However, in his final design, he used to wear a ponytail back in the 1700-1800's.
  • He has an interesting way of speaking; since most of the people he speaks with don't speak French, he has an odd habit of sticking French words into English sentences. So, he speaks and odd mix of French and English.
  • Pierre has an ill-tempered badger named Tobby, who was given to him by Wisconsin.