The Commonwealth of Pennsylvania

Human Name:

Isabel Baker


Izzy, Whale Butt, Penn, PA (postal code), Quaker State, Liberty State, Independence State, (official:) The Keystone State


Appears to be around 24 or 25, is actually about 376 years old




"Virtue, Liberty, and Independence"


March 4, 1681


December 12, 1878

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Flag of Pennsylvania

Pennsylvania Flag

Nya Sveridge and Nieuw-Nederland (1638-1680)Edit

Although the Province of Pennsylvania was formed in 1681, there were settlements before that time. In 1638, Sweden formed a small colony in parts of Delaware, New Jersey, and Pennsylvania that they called New Sweden. Part of this new colony would end up becoming Pennsylvania. This colony was eventually incorporated into the Dutch New Netherlands, but after a few years she would be handed over as a part of a bigger claim to William Penn. Izzy doesn't remember much about her time before she was an English colony. She used to be able to understand Swedish and Dutch, but has been losing it as the years pass.

Province of Pennsylvania (1681-1787)Edit

William Penn received a land grant from King Charles II in 1681 and formed the Province of Pennsylvania. With that, he became the guardian of a young Pennsylvania. Penn's Quaker values was heavily impressed into the government of the colony. She had a good relationship with the natives and religious toleration in the province made Philadelphia quickly become one of the most important cities in America. German and Scots-Irish settlers moved into Pennsylvania, and Welsh Quakers moved into a large area of land north and west of Philadelphia which created the "Welsh Tract". William Penn was also given the right from the Duke of York to govern over what was called the "three lower counties" on the Delaware. Penn tried to combine the assemblies of both, but in 1704, both assemblies agreed to meet separately.

Throughout the eighteenth century, Pennsylvania continued to grow and prosper, and western Pennsylvania was among the areas fought over during the French and Indian War. The French built many fortifications in the area, one of which would become the area where Pittsburgh would be. Following the Treaty of Paris in 1763, the area that would be a part of Pennsylvania came under British control. Pennsylvania's upbringing made her very sensitive to the plight of slaves in her province and the Pennsylvania Gradual Abolition Act of 1780 was passed, although it would be many years until slavery would be completely abolished.

Pennsylvania was one of the colonies who were angry at England for the Proclamation of 1763 and the Stamp Act. She sent delegates to the Stamp Act Congress of 1765 and hosted both Continental Congresses and later meetings in Philadelphia. During the Revolution the British overtook Philadelphia, which was the capital of the United States at the time, from September of 1777 to June 1778. Congress was forced to flee Philadelphia for Lancaster before they moved to York, Pennsylvania. Pennsylvania stayed in Philadelphia during the time of occupation due to stubbornness and it was during this time that she accepted America as a father figure rather than England.

The Commonwealth of Pennsylvania (1787-Present)Edit

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Personality and InterestsEdit

Pennsylvania is one of the calmer and more peaceful states, even if a bit old-fashioned. She's not one for fighting, and hates it whenever any of her siblings do. This said, that wasn't always true. Back when she was young she was more like Massachusetts, competitive and even a bit obnoxious at times. There were many disputes with neighboring states about borders and she got into fights with them. But she ended up calming down as she got older.

She tends to try to look after the other states, but ends up getting overwhelmed by the usual chaos. Much to her dismay, Izzy seems to be the state to confide in. [1] She tries to comfort her siblings, but can't help feeling awkward when their problems seem to be more than she can do anything about. She gets distracted often and is indecisive, so it she doesn't get as much done as some of the other states. She also has a bad habit of losing touch with people, and is usually behind the news. Izzy loves animals and nature, and keeps a small garden. Up until a while ago she had lots of pets, but for the past few years she hasn't had any at all..


Heritage: Because Mun sets her "start date" of existence as 1638 with the settling of New Sweden, her heritage does not include the Native American peoples of Pennsylvania. It mainly includes German, Swedish, and English, with a good amount of Welsh and French and a bit of Dutch.

Ashy brown, usually worn loose. Falls between chin and shoulder length. When she's working at her human job she pulls it back into a short ponytail.

Eyes: Forest Green. She wears glasses, but her vision isn't all that bad. During points in her life she either prefers to wear them or prefers not to.

Skin: Fair. Turns a bit tanner in the summer, but never enough to make much of a difference.

Clothes: She likes to wear lots of skirts and pretty things. Mun gets lazy and usually draws her in the outfit shown in the pictures, but that has been changing lately.

Her pear-shaped figure has given her the nickname of "whale butt". She tends to wear simple clothes out of habit, with maybe one or two accessories if she's going somewhere special. She really doesn't think that much of her appearance.


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Izzy always stays involved mainly in her own things, her own problems. She loves her family dearly, but gets caught up more in the issues of her state. She's almost always one of the last ones to find out what's being going on with everyone else, and it wouldn't be odd for her to be completely lost in a conversation about even old issues. There are only a few that she actually talks to regularly and keeps up with. Even so, she is always calling and checking up on her cities and making sure that everything is fine. So basically, if it's within her borders, she will know about it right away, but if it is outside, then it will take a while for her to know about it.

The degree of relatedness to Izzy varies by how close the state is to her. It works in a sort of layered system. [1]

State-tans: Edit

Original Thirteen Colonies:

Connecticut (Nathan Windsor Jones): They used to argue when they were little, especially over land. It got to the point where they fought against each other over it in the Pennamite-Yankee War between 1769 and 1799. Nowadays they get along better, although their views differ on some subjects (such as their opinions on New York).

Delaware (Edmund Von Houton): They were a part of the same colony for a time and were very close. But after he left she was angry at him for leaving her and didn't talk to him for a good 90 years. She eventually got over that. She talks to him regularly and considers him to be one of her closest friends.

Georgia (George A. Savannah): Hasn't talked to him recently, but they usually get along fine.

Maryland (Alex Jones): Argued over land as children as well, especially during Cresap's War . They're on better terms now, but are usually too preoccupied with their own things to talk much. Although when they do, it's hard to predict exactly what's going to happen.

Massachusetts (Malinda Jones): Izzy might think that Mandy changes things a bit too fast, but that doesn't stop then from meeting to reminisce about this or that. They're very different, but are still friendly.

New Hampshire (Thomas Martin): Hasn't talked to him recently.

New Jersey (Sean Bradley): Izzy is always trying to make Sean happy since he always seems to be in a bad mood. It doesn't really work, but it's just what they do. She likes that his girlfriend helps him lighten up and enjoy things rather than be grumpy all the time.

New York (Michael Jones): Mike might be the only one of her actual siblings that she doesn't like all that much. She dislikes his attitude towards everything, and is a bit jealous of his popularity. In her mind, he pays more attention to work than anything else and leaves his family to the sidelines. She doesn't talk to him unless she really has to.

North Carolina (Natalia Carolyn): I couldn't think of anything to put here, quite honestly. NC, can you contact me?

Rhode Island (Nicholas William Souza-Jones): Izzy enjoys picking on him, but never really means anything by it. She admires how brave he always is and how he stands up for what he believes in.

South Carolina (Joseph Gable): Hasn't talked to him recently. Most of what she's heard of him has come from Virginia, in any case. She doesn't really approve of how much of a womanizer he is.

Virginia (Leslie Newport): They used to be closer, but as the years passed it became harder to stay in touch with everything going on. But when they get together it's like two old friends gathering to gossip about what they've missed.


Alaska (Aleu Juno Braginski): Their friendship is a casual one. It never gets much deeper than polite small talk, but they're both fine with that.

West Virginia (Jacob Elkins): She might not get to talk to her neighbor much, but they are on good terms. The fact that both of them are big mining states helps a little, too.

Wyoming (Chey Tayloe Jones): When Chey was young, Izzy was her "mom" of sorts. She was even named after the Wyoming Valley of Pennsylvania. Izzy doesn't think of her as her child anymore, but still tries to watch over her. Their political views and outlooks may differ, but they still get along due to their history. They are quite close today, and other states sometimes joke about how Chey inherited Izzy's whale butt, spawning the nickname "Pear Buddies".

Axis Powers Hetalia Characters:Edit

America (Alfred F. Jones): Izzy doesn't really think of Alfred as her father. Maybe it's because she remembers from before she met him, but she really hasn't pinned a specific reason on it. She is patriotic and will always support him, yes, but doesn't think of him as a true father. More of a father figure. Back in the day, she was almost obsessed with him and would do whatever was asked of her, even if it meant going to war. He tends to overlook her nowadays, which might be one of the reasons why she doesn't like New York all that much.

England (Arthur Kirkland): For many years she held a grudge against him, but that had faded by the mid 1800's. He's more of a neutral figure to her now.

Sweden (Berwald Oxenstierna): She doesn't remember much of him, but what she remembers is pleasant. They've been out of touch for many years now, but lately she has been thinking about contacting him again.

Netherlands: Although New Sweden was incorporated into New Netherlands, Izzy never knew much of him.


Wales: The mass movement of Welsh Quakers into the Welsh Tract brought Wales and Pennsylvania together. Although the agreement they made never really panned out in the way that was planned, they still got along well. She thinks of him as a sort of beloved uncle.

Königsberg: Izzy gets along with Duscha relatively well. They argue and disagree on things, but they're (kinda sorta maybe) family in the end. She approves of her and Sean's relationship, even if she doesn't say it.


-She's the snack food capital of America. Two of the major potato chip companies, largest producer of pretzels, Hershey, and there's more! Let's just say she likes her junk food.

-Penn shares her state flower, the Mountain Laurel, with Connecticut.

-Many speakers of Pennsylvanian German are found in Pennsylvania. (no really!)
     That said, she speaks English and Pennsilfaanisch Deitsch fluently, knows enough Welsh to get by if she needed to, and bits and pieces of Dutch and Swedish

-Early in the creation process Izzy had a much different look and personality, but ever since she was first posted on TegakiE she has stayed relatively consistent.

-Although the majority in Pennsylvania are Catholic (53.43%*), Izzy isn't Catholic. This is more due to her nostalgia for her Quaker days than anything else. (*More Information)


  1. Putting it simply: Direct Siblings DE, NJ, NY ; Half-siblings Mid-Atlantics, Northern Original 13, Southern Original 13 ; Cousins Midwest ; General Relatives West*, Hawaii & Alaska ; Acquaintances The Canadians and the Territories ; *Adopted "Daughter" Wyoming


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