Maryland Tan by Kikkun

I asked the original creator if I could take his/her character and run with it a bit here… but my main concern is not messing up folks’ canon. This is the primary reason why the relationships section is empty. Cheers!



Human Name:

Alexander Rogers




Old Line State, Free State, Little America, America in Miniature


Appears 19; actual age more like 380




"Strong Deeds, gentle Words"


April 28th, 1788 (9th)


Colony - Civil WarEdit

Maryland was originally founded in 1634 both as a plantation colony and as a safe haven for Catholics in the New World. One of the earliest religious tolerance laws in history was enacted shortly after settlement, although it was temporarily overturned during a Puritan revolutionary takeover of state government. As in Virginia, tobacco was a major part of the state’s commerce… so much so that it was occasionally used as money, and the young colony was obliged to pass a law demanding that tobacco farmers grow a certain amount of corn as well, so that he wouldn’t go hungry.

Like his older self, Alex as a colony was usually gentle and peaceful. However, he and Izzy (PA) went through a quarrelsome phase as small children when both of them claimed the same stretch of territory. This bickering went on for quite some time and eventually came to blows – at which point England, entirely fed up, stepped in and had surveyors set down the Mason-Dixon Line to mark the border between the two. After that, things calmed down considerably.

Although Alex was at first lukewarm towards the idea of independence from England, the Stamp Act in 1765 outraged and provoked him to rebellion alongside the other colonies. Although no battles took place on Maryland soil, he fought bravely during the Revolution, rushing off to wherever he was needed as the front shifted. Alex was given the nickname “Old Line State” by George Washington, who was impressed by the courage and skill of the Maryland Line regulars.

In 1790, the year after he became a state, Alex was chosen along with Leslie (VA) to give up land to create the District of Columbia. With Maryland and Virginia as ‘parents,’ the capital city was far enough south to appease the southern states, who then agreed to a plan to help assume the north’s war debt. The part of D.C. that originally belonged to Leslie has since gone back to her; the remaining city territory is technically still a part of Maryland, although the land is considered defunct by the state.

During the War of 1812, Alex was unprepared and powerless to stop the attack on his son, able only to stand by and watch as England burned the young Capital’s public buildings and drove the U.S. Government out of the city. To this day, he has still not forgiven himself for the event and now reacts rather overzealously if he ever perceives a threat to D.C. (or anyone he feels close to). A few weeks later, a recovered and reorganized Alex fared much better in defending the port of Baltimore. It was this Battle of Fort McHenry that inspired Francis Scott Key’s poem-turned-anthem, “The Star-Spangled Banner.”

Civil WarEdit

Maryland was still a slave state at the beginning of the Civil War, and Alex’s loyalties were torn between North and South. (To this day, he’s still a bit conflicted about where he fits in on the whole North/South spectrum.) Although he ended up fighting for the Union, a part of him remained sympathetic to the Confederate cause. The city of Baltimore, in particular, proved so rebellious at the breakout of the war that America was forced to keep it under constant guard - the first bloodshed of the war took place when Confederate sympathizers in Baltimore attacked Massachusetts troops transferring between rail stations. After that incident, the city literally had a gun pointed at its head for the entirety of the war.

When Lee’s Army of Northern Virginia in 1862 crossed north of the Potomac for the first time, they hoped Maryland would be able to provide them with food, supplies, and fresh troops… but Alex didn’t take as kindly as they’d expected to being invaded. He and Izzy reacted immediately by calling up militia to aid the army in defending Union territory. The Confederates were forced to retreat at the end of two weeks, but not before the traumatizing battle of Antietam, the bloodiest day in American history.


After the war, Alex first focused on improving transport, most notably with the B&O railroad linking Baltimore and the Ohio Valley, and developing industry, particularly steel and textiles. He got into the progressive spirit of the early 20th century, except where alcohol and prohibition were concerned: he refused to enforce national prohibition laws, from whence the nickname “Free State.” During the two World Wars, Maryland was an important military training site and center for shipments abroad. These days, many of the forts are still in use as bases serving various areas of the military.

Personality and InterestsEdit

Despite his nickname, “Little America,” Alex hardly resembles Alfred in terms of personality: where the latter is outgoing, boisterous and oblivious, Alex is calm and careful with his words. He’s generally quite kind and gentle, and prefers to say nothing rather than injure someone else’s feelings. His priority is to keep peace, but he’s often not assertive enough to make this happen and tends to be overlooked. On these occasions, he often wishes he had a more forceful personality and could make himself heard. Few things will upset or frighten him; the only time he’ll really fire up is when he or someone he’s close to is visibly threatened. He’ll then become extremely defensive and protective, even to the point of recklessness.

Alex is usually stuck in an office all week and looks forward to weekends, when he can get outside. He is a huge nature fan in general, although he has a special affinity for water and aquatic life. (He’s also a huge Navy fan, since the US Naval Academy is in Annapolis.) Seafood is his specialty, particularly shellfish (crabcakes, anyone?)… but lately, he’s had to import some of his fish and even crabs, which he finds rather embarrassing. Alex is extremely concerned by the health of the Chesapeake Bay. He takes environmental issues seriously, and since the Chesapeake is such an important part of his life, this one has him especially worried – in fact, he’s even begun turning nasty with seafood poachers and watershed polluters, something that would ordinarily be quite out of character.

Besides all that’s water-related, Alex loves horses – riding, racing, and even jousting, the official state sport. As a kid, Alex dreamed of being a knight in shining armor when he grew up… and seems not to have entirely outgrown the idea.




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