Most of these pairs are either crack or canon.

Alaska x EveryoneEdit

You know it's true.

Alaska x Rhode IslandEdit

400 RI's can fit up in Alaska, doncha know? BD Rhode Island's epic manliness spawned and laid claim to the oil of AK, and his muscles can lift a thousand boobs. Alaska was so turned on, they spawned more mini states and lived happily ever after with their igloo on a boat.

Colorado x NebraskaEdit

Thought a fairly new relationship, Colorado and Nebraska's pairing is innocently adorable.

Florida PairingsEdit

Cuba x FL: (Floraduba) currently under crack due to FL being totally Tsundere about it and Mizu being apprehensive when it comes to mixing OC's with Cannon Hetalia.

GA x AL x FL: Southern Football Trio. While GA & AL are a popular shounen ai/yaoi pair, Florida could easily be grouped with them, though realistically speaking they're probably more like friends/frienemies than romantically involved

LA x FL: Seems to be somewhat implied, but they do have history together; what with the whole France vs Spain vs England thing, and geographically speaking, some of LA's interior is made up of what use to be Florida's west Territory

NY x FL: This tends to be over-powered by the popularity of NY x MA (which is still adorable btw <3) but, these two are just so opposite, it's hard not to like. Not to mention they're like Apples and Oranges

Massachusetts x New YorkEdit

A deep-seated relationship, though it doesn't seem to have passed the occasional moment, instead having a distinctly rivalry-feel.

Mississippi x South Missouri Edit

South Mo. was one of the first “suitors” Mark attempted to scare off. He became extremely possessive around her and played the red neck card as often as possible. He finally cornered her and they had a fight. He refused to hurt her any more than needed, his chivalrous nature winning out in the end when he offered to back down. He was shocked when she kissed him and confessed it wasn’t a bad idea that they share the state. Mark agreed and they came to a consensus and Mark grew to love her. She gave birth to Mark and Ethans child and is called "Mama" by it. Lately South has been gone and though Mark misses his “Little girl”

Mississippi x Tennessee Edit

(Also known as Yanaki X Tensai)

Mississippi x WisconsinEdit

(Also known as Yanaki X Sakima)

Mark and Ethan’s current relationship began when Mark, who had been watching the northern state and had come to the conclusion, fortunately or unfortunately as the case may be, that he was a she. Mark immediately began to try to impress “her” by picking a fight with Alaska to protect her “Reputation.” This failed horrible because not only was he nearly beaten to death by the younger state but it turns out he was trying to impress a male. Mark after having a momentary break down, and finally admitting to himself he is Bisexual if not Gay, begins to Pursue him with abandon, even going to England for a gender bending amulet when he finds Wi is straight. Finally Mark was told to transform back and Wisconsin allowed them to date.

Mark loves Wisconsin with all his heart but feels alienated that he insists on dragging others into their relationship. He continues to treat Ethan like the weaker of the two and defends him tooth and nail. So far only two potential suitors have managed to convince Mark they are “worthy” of him sharing, both by beating the crap out of him. Mark is incredibly insecure about his status in the group and tends to be rough with anyone besides Wi because of it.

Ethan’s nick name for Mark is “cow” and Mark finds this funny, buying him random cow memorabilia when he can.

Mark built a Cabin for Ethan to show him that while he might not be able to give him presents he can and will provide for the other in any way he can.

Mark has just found out he had a relationship with Ethan back when he was a natvie. This along with his discovery about Tensai is mind boggling to him.

Nevada x New MexicoEdit

Because.... ALIENS!

North Missouri x WyomingEdit


(The OT3)

Is anymore of an explanation needed?

Oklahoma x Cheyenne(Wyoming's City)Edit

A stable and fairly long-lasted relationship, though in all likelihood, it's probably going to stay that way, without progressing past hand-holding and the occasional date. That said, there's evidence both parties wouldn't mind going a little further, but...

South Carolina x VirginiaEdit

Wyoming x FemalesEdit

Maybe its because WY is a feminist.