The State of Oklahoma

Human Name:

Abby Taboca


OK (postal code), Okie, (official:) The Sooner State, (formerly:) Oklahoma Territory, Indian Territory


(appearance:) 17, (actuality:) unknown

Height, Weight:

5'3", 119 lbs


"Labor omnia vincit" - "Hard work conquers all"




(officially:) 1834


November 16, 1907 (46th to join the Union)

Personal HistoryEdit


Oklahoma flag1

Oklahoma State Flag

While it is unknown just how old Oklahoma truly is, the first permanent settlements date back to around 850 A.D. Francisco Vasquez de Coronado was the first European to travel across the now-state, though he didn't stay long. Later on, Oklahoma was collected with other states in the Louisiana Purchase, which was later bough by America in 1803. In the 1830s, many Native Americans, 30 nations, were moved to the territory, mostly from the South, though later on the territory was taken back through land runs in the the late 19th Century. As some of these Indian nations were slaveholders, such as the Choctaw, Oklahoma was largely sided with the Confederacy, and held several battles within the territory borders, though all were largely failures thanks to lack of supplies and leadership. However, other tribes, such as a Osage, sided with the Union, and battled with the Confederacy, winning a couple. During the late 1860s Oklahoma became a battlefield, once more. This time however, plains Native Americans were unsucessfuly trying to fight for their way of life, but were eventually rounded up and shipped onto the reservations. In fact, Oklahoma became the site for a bloody massacre known as the Battle of the Washita. There 7th Cavalry troops led by General George Custer, killed/captured many Cheyenne Indians including Black Kettle and his wife Medicine Woman Later. After some (unsuccessful) attempts to become an all-Indian state under the name Sequoyah, Oklahoma became the 46th state on November 16, 1907.


After statehood, Oklahoma's economy flourished thanks to an oil boom, something that led to the city of Tulsa to be labeled the "Oil Capitol of the World." This title would be tarnished thanks to the Tulsa Race Riots of 1921, in which 35 city blocks were destroyed, causing $1.8 million dollars in damage and up to 300 deaths, though the official count provided by the Red Cross remains at 31. In the 1930s, the western and central portions of Oklahoma suffered heavily from the Dust Bowl. This led to a continual decline, causing the population to drop, finally leveling off in the 1950s. However, thanks to conservation groups, work was found in the building of dams and reservoirs, giving Oklahoma the notability of having the most man-made lakes of any other state. Things remained calm from there until April 19, 1995, when the Alfred P. Murrah Federal Building was bombed, killing 168 people. It would be the deadliest act on domestic terrorism until the 9-11 terrorist attacks in New York.

Personality and InterestsEdit

Oklahoma is a shy individual, typically prone to misgivings about meeting new people (though she'll do her best to be as hospitable as she can!). These suspicions are either reinforced or thrown away upon getting to know the individual, causing her to have a rather black and white view on people. With those she cares for, she is physical, enjoying hugs and casual touches. To friends, she is very cheerful and open, though prone to casual skepticism. This skepticism is increased with strangers, or those she dislikes, and Oklahoma has a habit of distrusting what she is told until she is about to affirm the information. That said, she is not easily sarcastic, instead taking things at face-value, especially if it's from a so-called 'trusted source.' She also has the irritating habit of holding onto out-dated, untrue stereotypes, and though she means well, Oklahoma tends to say mis-guided things by accident.

Interest-wise, Oklahoma is deeply fascinated with meteorology, putting in much of her annual budget into various weather programs. This is largely due to her place in the states, perfect for outbreaks of severe weather, particularly severe thunderstorms and tornadoes during the spring and summer months, and she houses the National Storm Prediction Center in Norman. Despite this, Oklahoma has a strong aversion the winter weather and tends to panic when ice or snow storms hit. She has strangely in-depth knowledge on such weather systems, up to and including useless trivia and facts, and she enjoys spreading this wealth of knowledge around. Apart from this, she does enjoy water sports such as water-skiing, swimming and noodling, the latter a sport she enjoys showing off to other people. She also has an enjoyment of square dancing.

On a more negative note, since becoming a state, Oklahoma has grown lax in keeping up with Native American ways, despite holding different ceremonies and meetings for various nations. As such, while she does remember a fair bit of traditions, some things have begun to slip. She does, however, have a dreadful fear of supernatural things, and has a hard time sleeping after watching frightening movies.


Appearance-wise, she has the body of a young teenager, with body type that's less a figure 8 and more of a long rectangle, something she has many misgivings about. This self-consciousness about the flatness of her chest has led her to wear a blouse that accentuates the bust, giving the illusion of more there. During more outdoorsy excursions, she wears more stereotypical clothes, a plain white T and cut-off shorts. She tries to keep a small scar from the Murrah Bombing, located just below her bellybutton, covered at all times.

Her facial features are rather plain and broad, her black hair thick and straight as straw. As a child she wore it in long braids, but since state-hood, she has cut it into a more fashionable style, keeping it back with a mistletoe-decorated headband. Depending on when it was last trimmed, her hair shifts between fringed and square-cut.


Whether or not it's due to her personality or habit of staying close to home, most of those Oklahoma knows tend to be neighboring states...


Thanks to similar ancestral roots, these two states are quite close. That said, Oklahoma feels that, perhaps, at times Alaska is a bit scary... (KOL)


A typical failure at Nation-State bonding...

America Edit

Due to various things, such as the Indian Removal Acts, and being told to forget Native American traditions and "become civilized", Oklahoma holds a rather deep-seated grudge against him.


Despite being neighbors, it doesn't seem either state is that interested in visiting each other that much...


Not a state, but instead a city, Cheyenne is someone close to Oklahoma. Whether or not they are officially a couple is unknown, though Oklahoma is very fond of him, and enjoys his company. She also believes he is the epitome of manliness. See here for more details


While not exactly close, Oklahoma loves to visit during winter break and attempt skiing 'just one more time.' Ideologically, they're quite dissimilar, but they seem to get along amiably enough, if only in a touristy-way.


While it is only occasional visits, Oklahoma does tend to go there during the autumn. Despite this, she has the unfortunate (and incorrect) opinion that Florida consists solely of Disney World (or was is Disneyland? She forgets), beaches, and hurricane season.


Kansas is a state Oklahoma would like to be closer to, but somehow it never seems to be the right time to visit... That said, they do seem to share a mutual enjoyment over meteorology, specifically the more severe portions.

Missouri TwinsEdit

Oklahoma seems to be on amiable terms with the twins, though not particularly close. That said, she's not above visiting for some barbecue.


There is a strong sibling-rivalry feel between these two states, though perhaps it's felt mostly on Oklahoma's side. When younger, the two played together often, though since then this has changed slightly. There's a strong football rivalry between the states, as well. On a whole, Oklahoma tends to talk badly about the other state, though in reality, the words are [mostly] full of nothing. That stated, she does get terribly irritated when both he and New Mexico speak in Spanish. This might be the reason why she has the habit of calling any language she doesn't recognize as Spanish.


Even now, Oklahoma isn't always sure how to act around Wyoming, and is something of a cautious admirer. She also isn't sure what to do when Wyoming gets a little rowdy. Despite this, she does like the state, and considers her something like a "cool big sis." Oklahoma is also always ready to get on Wyoming's approval in regard to her feelings toward Cheyenne.


- Perhaps the only day Oklahoma can never be found are on the days of the football Bedlam Rivalry between the two Oklahoma universities, OU and OSU, typically during late November.

- Due to having a dreaded fear of doctors, the state has the (unfortunate) ranking of one of the worst states for medical health-care.

- Despite being one of the more politically conservative states in the Union since around 1964, Oklahoma has more registered Democrats than any other political affiliation, as well as a re-elected Democrat governor.

150px-Flag of Oklahoma (1911–1925).svg

Oklahoma's first flag

- Her state soup is Watermelon Soup , something that seems to go over poorly with others...

- She holds 39 Native American governments within her borders, as well as 25 native languages and 67 Native American tribes

- Oklahoma is Ranger Yellow in the Tornado Rangers Squad.

- Oklahoma's first flag was red with a star and the number '46'. This version was removed in 1924 after being associated with communism and replaced with the current one.



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