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New York
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Human name:

Michael Jones


Mike, Mikey, New Yawk, Yankee, Yank, "The Empire State"


400+ (but he looks about 23)



State motto:

Excelsior (Ever Upwards)


July 26, 1788 (11th)



Largest city:

New York City




For nearly 500 years before the first Europeans came to his shores, New York was inhabited by the Iroquois Confederacy and the Lenape tribes. He doesn't remember much of his life during this time. In 1524, the first European explorer (an Italian working under the French crown), entered into New York Harbor.


Revolutionary War

Civil War

Ellis Island/Statue of Liberty

Present Day

Personality & InterestsEdit

A bit of a spoiled brat with a unnessicary, unwelcomed attitude. The type that brags without meaning to brag. Terrible roadrage, come first every year in the Nation Survey for Road Rage. Thinks everyone else is a bad driver, meanwhile he just drove onto the curb trying to get around someone at a red light and mowed down a few dogs and your grandmother. Will charge taxes up the ass on his citizens but then go to Jersey to avoid his own taxes(Namely on clothes and gas)


Hair: Brown, usually parted in the middle (unless he wants to be really formal and slick his hair back)

He's more of an ass when he's dressed like this.

Eyes: Dark blue (usually wears glasses that represent NYC)

Skin: Dark tan but still considered white (he was paler when under Netherlands and England but now has the largest population of African Americans in the United States, darkening him a bit) Has light freckles from all the irish immigrants.

Clothes: He usually wears suits because he likes to look his best. However, when he relaxes, he tends to slip on jeans, a Yankee cap, and a Yankee jersey. (And maaaaybe a Mets hat once in awhile, though he wouldn't admit it)

Body: Has a nice, well kept body. Although pretty average compared to the Western most states. (Referring to the national parks and how the forests and natural landscape in New York is almost forgettable compared to other states like California and Washington)

The hair curl by his left ear is his erogenous zone and it represents Long Island. He's got a piercing on his left ear as well. There are two large scars on both of his arms from 9/11; his main reason for why he doesn't like to wear short-sleeves in public (unless he's around people who know and understand). He also tends to have just one facial expression most of the time.




Rhode Island:


New Jersey: Their relationship is a bit like Arthurs and Fransis's, but with alittle more love. N.Y. usually goes shopping in Jerseys malls and mooches of his gas, to avoid high prices and taxes, all the while scoffing at Jerseys highway systems and smelly atmosphere. Whenever Jersey goes to N.Y.'s cities, however, he usually complains about the traffic and lack of parking spaces so they're pretty alike. They really do get along well, in their own arguement-prone way.

California: Cali and N.Y. get along well, though N.Y. sometimes has a hard time understanding Cali's weirdo personality and valleygirl dialect. They often talk fashion. arts and movies, New York tends to talk more of the buisness and slightly more formal(As formal as the Arts can get) aspect of it and California leans toward the creativity and freedom. They sometimes get into arguements about whos music is better.






Axis Powers Hetalia Characters:Edit

America: Michael, during the early colonial years, looked up to America. He didn't really understand just what Alfred was, even though England had told him once. Alfred intrigued him and in return, Mike was very loyal and willing to fight for freedom and anything Alfred asked of him. Nowadays, that admiration Mike felt has dwindled, though Alfred is quiet obsessed with him and constantly likes to visit. Mike finds it annoying; Al thinks they're best buds. Also, Mike had a different last name before the Rev. War (a Dutch one), but after the Americans won, he decided to change it to Jones out of respect for Alfred. He's kept it that way ever since.

Canada: NY and Canada are trade partners and because their borders touch, Mike and Matthew are quite close. Matt introduced the American beaver to NY, which is the state animal, so Mike is particularly grateful for that. Alfred is actually jealous of their relationship, which amuses the two of them.

England: After he kicked the Netherlands off the continent, England took Michael and his siblings as his own new colonies. He is the one that gave Michael his state name, after the Duke of York. Arthur was usually the mediator between Mike and Mandy when they argued. During the Rev. War, England managed to capture New York and set up a base camp there. Michael was kept in a tent during that time and speaks to no one about that experience. He and Arthur don't speak about it either, preferring to keep the past behind them. Michael sometimes gets angry phone calls from Arthur, telling him to stay away from his "daughter" (Mandy).

Netherlands: Michael's first care-taker. He seemed to have a particular soft spot for Mike, setting up his capitol "New Amsterdam" on his land (where New York City now lies). He and Michael don't talk that often anymore, as it's very awkward, but Netherlands is slowly trying to build a relationship with him.



Italy/Romano: During the age of New Immigration, Italians were amoung the largest amount of immigrants to come, which New York himself hated and had tendencies to be very predjudice towards the brothers themselves. This caused Romanos mafia tendencies to rise and slowly, he overtook the city with corruption and underground "buisness" with local companies and stores. The Hudson became a dumping ground for those who went against the italians. Eventually, New York got his cities under control but traces of Mafia control still exists today.


Either state facts or random tid-bits that happen in the character-creation process; any interesting fact goes here. Has the largest Black population in the United States, Followed by Florida and Texas.

In addition, Rockaway,Queens,has the highest percentage of Irish in one area in the entire United States.

During the Civil War, although no battles were fought in New York itself, He supplied the most soliders out of all the Northern States to fight.

New York was Alfreds first capitol, which he likes to flaunt whenever he can.



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