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Human Name:

Malinda Bradford-Jones


Mandy, MANdy, Mass, MAMA, Massive-two-shits, Masshole, Bay State, Gay State, Old Colony State


400+ [If you go by the settling of Plymouth shes 390, if you go by statehood shes 222] Appearance is 26




Ense Petit Placidam Sub Libertate Quietem (By the Sword We Seek Peace, But Peace Only Under Liberty)



Massachusetts was inhabited by the tribes of the Algonquian linguistic family, one of which included the Massachuset of whom she was named after. The tribes were patriarchal and reilied on fishing and hunting to survive. She doesn't have many memories from this time.


Massachusetts was colonized in 1620 [however there is a great amout of evidence pointing to her and Rhode Island  being discovered long before that by Vikings]. The colonization was something of a mistake as England had wanted to go to the calm and temperate Virginia  because he knew of Massachusetts's fickle weather and horrid winters. And the first winter with Mandy was extremely difficult, but she and the natives did their best to make England feel welcome and helped him and the pilgrims to survive.

Massachusetts became completely enthralled with England and all the trinkets, customs and religion he brought with him from the old world. So much so that she slowly started to disregard the natives that inhabited her land.

England spent a lot of time with Massachusetts and developed a fondness for her, seeing a lot of himself in her. As such he trusted her most and gave her much of the responsibly of watching out for the others while he was away fighting France. (She also helped him in the French and  Indian war) Because of all this responsibility thrown on her she grew up extremely fast. England had even given her Maine to raise as her own son.

Connecticut eventually wanted her own space away from Mandy who was beginning to become harder and harder to live with and broke ties with her, leaving to become her own colony.

Mandy was frustrated with Isabella (NH) for leaving, so when RI began to question her harsh rules and intolerance she angrily banished him from her house.

As time went on the natives grew tiered of her trying to shove her new found religion down their throats and it reached a boiling point; a war broke out between the natives and colonists.

King Phillips War was the bloodiest war (percentage wise) in American history. Connecticut sided with Massachusetts but Rhode Island tried to remain neutral trying to keep to his ideals of freedom of religion. However his two sisters drove the battle onto his land, hes got the scars to prove it.

Thanks to the colonists's superior weaponry, and diseases like smallpox wiping out much of the native population the colonists eventually won the war. Massachusetts had committed genocide of her own people and created a holiday of it to give thanks to God for the 'cleansing' of the savages from her land. [Not understanding the history of it, Florida mistook it to just be a day of giving thanks to god for the harvest and food and created the holiday of Thanksgiving. (To this day Alfred does his best to hide the true history of Thanksgiving with stories of happy pilgrims and indians)]

All of this pain and responsibility was so much for a young colony to handle and the fact she had always been the type to over think things didn't help her mental state. To top it all off England, whom she had done everything for, had all but left her completely alone now.

She cracked, and so began the Salem Witch trails. She began killing her own people, almost just out of sheer boredom, and it spiraled out of control. The other colonies did nothing to help, perhaps fearing what she might do to them (she was quite powerful of all of them at the time) or perhaps thinking she deserved it. This went on for a little over a year until England found out what was happening and rushed over to aid her.

She began to get back on her feet and return to sanity, but England didn't trust her anymore. He began banning town meetings, challenging land titles, and positioning soldiers throughout Boston.

Revolutionary War

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Personality & InterestsEdit

Mandy has always been a go-getter, extremely driven and motivated (probably the biggest difference between her and her lazy mini-mass). This leads her to often take off more than she can chew (like the big dig), but no matter how big the task ahead of her she doesn't quit. Being driven to be healthy is important to her too and she wakes up every morning at 5 to go for a run. She has to keep in shape for the Boston marathon after all! She also does yoga and is starting to take a liking to Vermont's organic food. (However she still has a pretty big sweet tooth, and probably wont ever be able to curb her coffee and doughnut addiction)

Shes also EXTREMELY competitive and wants to be #1 in everything, although this is seen though most aspects of her life its most obvious in sports. She considers New York to be her greatest rival, and the rivalry between the Sox and Yankees is the greatest in sports history. The two can't play each other without a fight breaking out.

She has truckloads of strong opinions and isn't afraid to voice them, often being even rude and insensitive about it. Her people skills are someone lacking and as is said in Boston “We don't like you either”. Shes almost like America in the way she's horrible at sensing the atmosphere. She also sees her self as the 'hero' figure and thinks that the rest of New England looks up and depends on her. But in reality they are just rather annoyed with her antics and want her to leave them alone. ("Massholes go home!" is a term coined by Maine after all)

Sarcastic and snarky, rarely is she at a loss for words and seems to have some smartass comment to make about everything. Its said that one of Massachusetts' main exports is 'revenge' and this seems to hold true and no one holds a grudge as long as her. She won't forget even the littlest tresspassing against her, and isn't likely to forgive it either unless proper action to make up for it is taken. (even then your changes of being forgiven are still pretty slim). However if you do get on her good side she is one of the most loyal friends you could ever wish for.

Although sometimes it seems like sports are what matters most to her, first and foremost she values education. She's extremely intelligent and enjoys learning about and inventing new things. She is most talented in the fields of medical sciences and robotics, but certainly not limited to that as she excels in all aspects of higher learning. As such she gets frustrated with those who are.....slower than her. She has little tolerance for ignorance. If you ask her a question be prepared to get at least a fifteen minute lecture about it, which will contain alot of information considering how fast she talks.

She loves her history but belives its something to be learned from, not a place to live in. Shes a very progressive state living in the future while learning from the past.

As far as sexuality goes, gender is not something that matters to her. Male, female, anyone inbetween, she accepts them all.


Physically Mandy is pretty small, and is the second slimmest state. She has auburn hair with a long ahoge that represents Cape Cod. She has green eyes and pale skin like England. Her body is covered in scars showing her painful history. She also has three tattoos.



New England States: MA sees herself as the queen bee of New England, the spokes person, the leader, and for the most part the other states just let her, happy to quietly go about their own business while she deals with all the messy politics. She loves all her New England states dearly, although she sometimes berates them for 'giving her a bad name'.

Rhode Island : Despite their rocky start, the two are now about as tight as two people can be. They have so much in common that MA actually calls him her 'Mini-Mass'. Even though she calls him mini-mass she actually doesn't tease him as much about his height as the other states do and never underestimates him. She confides in him more than anyone else.

Connecticut : Their relationship is a little hard to explain... Being 'NewYorkachusetts' Conneticut often gets in between MA and NY when the two are fighting, wanting them to get along. Or just flip flopping from one side to the other. Because of her admiration of NY, MA often calls CT a traitor and thinks she should be banned from New England. On the other hand CT does sometimes side with her, the two share a love for education, and with the history they share MA could never really hate her. She thinks of CT as something of that little sister you love.... but can't stand to be around with too long.

New Hampshire : MA thinks that NH is a really chill guy and despite his love for guns (she despises them) he is probably the only person she would trust them with. She loves going to NH for fireworks and alcohol.

Vermont : She loves her adorable little brother and agrees with him on many political and social issues.

Maine : She sees him as her son, and regrets not spending enough time with him when he was younger (she was very young, so she wasn't a very good mother) so she resolves to spend a good chunk of her summer on vacation with him. Shes completely oblivious to the fact he wants her to just go home.

MidAtlantic: She generally views them as rivals of some kind, but is still close to them and if a southern or western state were to pick on them she would more likely jump to their aid. Her relationship with them is something of a 'Only I can treat my brother like that' philosophy

New York : Their relationship is so complex an entire book could be written about it. Because of her competitive nature she sees NY as her greatest rival and wouldn't hesitate to verbally torment him or egg his car. When they were younger MA looked down on him since she was favored by America, more powerful, more civilized and more 'important'. But now the tables have turned and NY is the more popular state and gets almost all the attention. Not to mention everytime she does something and is passionate about it, NY seems to jump up and do it bigger and bolder. For example, the Boston marathon was the biggest marathon in the world.... Until NY created the NYC marathon and made it a mile longer. Boston had the first and biggest St. Patricks day parade in the world. Now NY throws the biggest. The list goes on.

New Jersey : She believes its every Americans right to pick on people from New Jersey. Simply because... hey it's Jersey. She sees him as NYs sidekick.

Delaware : Usually forgets about him. But when she doesremember him she respects his scientific mind and great contributions to the revolution.

Pennsylvania : Personality wise the two are different but their love of (and shared) history brings them together. And thanks to hockey and crazed fans, Boston is beginning to see Philly as more and more of rival.

Axis Powers Hetalia CharactersEdit

America: Thinks of him like her father. After all she was one of his earlist kids.

England : Rocky relationship for obvious reasons but thing have now cooled between the two.


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