Personality and Interests:Edit

Isa Magellan-Jones is very kind and warm. Not much of a talker. She loves her sister Guam, and still has a bit of Chamorro spirit. She's very strong, but hates fighting. She gets scared easily, since some pretty bloody fights were fought during WWII on her. She is very close to her family, and thinks it is very important for family to get along. She respects elders. She loves the ocean, swimming, and her favorite foods are rice and fish. She doesn't like theives, although sometimes she can't help herself and will steal something.


She lived as a little girl with only her siblings(her islands), until Spain showed up. At first, they had culture issues. She didn't have any private property, and her culture, if you left something it was free for the taking. (Like finder's keepers) Spain didn't know this, so when she tried to take his boat he attacked her, called her a theif and left. He came back late, though. Then he forced her to adapt his culture and forget about her Chamorro culture. Of course, she still retained her Chamorro spirit. He sold her to Germany, and she stayed with him for a while. Then she lived with Japan. The Battles of Saipan and Tinan were tough on her, and Spain and Japan weren't very nice to her. She forgives them though, and depends on them for tourism. Of course, now she works at a sweatshop for Alfred making clothes and getting 4 dollars an hour.



Short, black hair a bit above her shoulders. Part of her hair is pulled back into a ponytail. Wears glasses. Dark skin. She usually wears a bathing suit with a coconut bra and skirt over it, and straw sandals.


Guam: Guam is her older sister, who she cares very deeply for.




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