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Hair Color: Brown. He has always worn sideburns, no matter what is in style since he was able to. Though his hair is usually clean, it appears that he doesn't even goes as far as to run a comb through it most days.

Eye Color: Blue. He takes after his father.

Skin Color: Tanned. Naturually, he has a creamy complexion, but it hasn't been seen for around 200 years. Working under the hot southern sun for so long has taken that away.

Clothes: He does not care to wear much clothing, due to heat. When at work in the capitol, he dresses to impress with a nice botton down shirt, slacks, and shiney leather boots. At home or visiting with other states, he is more likely to wear a plaid shirt or "wifebeater" (if any shirt at all), jeans, and older boots.



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