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Guam was born over 4000 years ago, with no memories of her past. She was found by Magellan in 1521, and that's when her life really began.

She was watching the ocean when a huge boat came to her shore. Exited and not exactly understanding the borders of "owning" things, her people came out to help pick up some things dropped into the water. The Spaniards believed this was stealing, so they shot at her and she ran to hide into the forest. Realizing that he needed her supplies, Magellan quickly made up, asking for some food in exchange for some iron. Guam, having a surplus, of course gave him some.

44 years later, it was 1565, and Spain finally remembered about his little "Island of Thieves." He came back and told her that she was now his, which was met with absolutely no problems. He gave her a Spanish flag and left her again, this time for 103 years.

June 15, 1668, Spain finally returned to colonize Guam. She was distressed that he'd forgotten about her for so long, but they made up and lived together for a while, some of the happiest days in Guam's life, learning about maize, Christianity, trade, cow-products, and more "appropriate" clothing.

The only issue that ever sprung up was when one of the chief's d

Originally Mirror!Guam, but the flower makes it normal Guam. = 3=

aughter was baptized without his permission and he killed the priests responsible. This led to a major argument between Spain and Guam, where he beat her badly, nearly to death. But luckily, he recognized his faults in time to save her and she forgave him fully, despite his stricter rules for her to follow. The Mexican War broke out, and in 1815, Spain left Guam for the final time.

Despite still owning her, Spain never visited, and instead sent out Engineers, adventurers, and whalers from Russia, France, and England to check up on her habitually. They were welcomed with open arms.

In June, 1898, America noticed Guam for the first time and decided that he wanted her. Promising her that he'd never forget her like Spain had done, he quickly asked Spain if he could have her as his own territory, with absolutely no bloodshed. Spain really had no way to deny him, and he officially gave up Guam in the Treaty of Paris.

Guam fell in love with him on first sight, and made sure never to leave him, becoming the "Chamorro Belarus," only cuter. America didn't mind this at all, and they were very close friends.

Then came the worst years of Guam's life. During WW2, December, 1941, Guam was attacked and taken by Japan. She was treated horribly, being beaten and raped because of his contempt with her being so obsessed with America. She was known for her self-determination, refusing to ever give in and sully the name of her country, which annoyed the Japanese to no ends.

In 1942, one man was able to bypass the system, and was able to tell America about what was happening on Guam. America was horrified, and sent in California and New York to rescue her.

In 1944, with the Battle of Guam, Guam was saved by CA and NY, though she wasn't yet fully accepted into America's arms again. He tried to take her back a few times, but was a bit rough with it, so she decided to ask him to take her in as an official territory, rather than a piece of land that was used as an airbase.

America agreed, and Guam fully became 'one with America', under the Guam Organic Act in 1950.

Personality & InterestsEdit


Guam has tanned skin that changes tone as much as her dark chestnut hair does. She has large chocolate eyes, and her clothing and hair seems to always be changing. A very dynamic character, Guam never seems to keep the same style, though she nearly always wears at least one Bougainvillea in her hair, her national flower.



Massachusetts: Guam... despizes her openly, and for multiple reasons. For one, she was the one to rebuke Roosevelt's notion to supply Guam with firearms, which, had she been given firearms, she would've been able to protect herself. And if she could've done that, well, let's just say lot's of things wouldn't be as likely to happen. Guam also sees MA as her rival for York's affections, and that's never a way to start a relationship.

New York: After rescuing Guam in WW2, Guam fell into a very yandere relationship with York, which is composed of entirely a one-sided stalking love, whereas he only likes her as a friend and is actually a bit afraid of her. Guess she should'nt have threatenned him to marry her with a knife...

Hawaii: Guam's nephew, Hawaii is more of a son to her than anything else. She absolutely adores him, even when they don't always see eye-to-eye. (Usually when he insults York.) She feels the need to protect him, and they share a similar dislike of Japan, though Hawaii is beginning to get over his hatred, and Guam hasn't been able to as of yet. Somehow, they always find ways to get into trouble.

Marianas Islands: Guam's younger sister.

Agaña: Guam's daughter/capital who was born from her blood. They share a... weird relationship that's very unstable. When she was first born, they two had a nearly inseperable bond, but as Guam got taken over by Spain, Aga started losing her respect for her mother, and when Guam was taken over by Japan, Aga was bombed, and thus died. This, above all else, threw Guam 'off her rocker', and once Aga was rebuilt, Guam was scared to get close to her daughter, thinking that she might die again. Subsequentally, Aga is a bit of a brat, and the two aren't as close.

Pele/Kama (MamaHi and PapaHi): Guam loves her younger brother, Kama, very much, and hates the fact that he chose to get with Pele, whom Guam hates. Yet Pele sometimes surprises Guam with a motherly side, and the two generally get along when that happens.

California: California was the other one responsible for rescuing Guam, so she feels close to him and respects him, though not as much as she cares for York. She wants to get to know him better, but doesn't know how to start.

Nebraska: During WW2, America bombed Agaña, Guam's capital, because they wanted to flush out the Japanese living there. Nebraska was the one to send the bombs, but Guam is still on a friendly basis with him. She mostly feels torn up about allowing America to bomb her child, even though she knows it was for the better. Agaña still doesn't know that it was America who bombed her. She still believes it was Japan.

Just about everybody else is loved fully by Guam.

Axis Powers Hetalia Characters:Edit

Spain: Guam, despite their hardships, really did love Spain, and still does. She's happy to be free from him, but still has her times when she misses him, even if he forgot about her existing for an extended period of time. He has been the biggest influence on her culture, and she thanks him for that, even when Aga dislikes it.

America: America found Guam in 1898, and his firey and happy personality really drew Guam in to adoring him with her entire soul. Drawn in by his hero complex, Guam became thouroughly obsessed with him, which was wounded in WW2, but she's grown to still love him fully. She's proud to be a Territory, but doesn't yet know if she wants to become a state yet.

Japan: Japan screwed Guam over. Both psycologically and literally. In WW2, he captured her, then raped and beat her nearly to death. Even worse than her own hardships with him is that he did the same to her daughter, which led to Aga's death. Now that WW2 is over, Japan is one of the major tourists of her home, which scares her more than anything else. Imagine your boss raping you, then you have to go to work again, pretending like it never happened because he pays you. Yeah... that's how Japan and Guam's relationship works.


  • Guam has an average of about 1000 Brown Tree Snakes per every 1 person, thus, babies learn how to kill snakes before they learn to walk.
  • Due to Guam's harsh school environment, most Guamanian's have been in Martial Arts.
  • Guam believes strongly in respecting elders... She just hasn't really met anyone older than her to respect.
  • Guam's human name, Samantha, was taken from one of Guam's owner's Guamanian friends.
  • 85% of Guamanians are Roman Catholic, thus Guam is sometimes seen with a cross necklace.
  • Guam's Futbol team is one of the worst in the world, the only one she's beaten has been Mongolia. Luckily, she doesn't mind too much.
  • Guam does have a law stating that 'No virgin shall marry', so there are men who's jobs are to deflower young women.



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