The State of Georgia

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Andrew Lee King


The Peach State, The Empire State of the South


Appears to be in his early twenties




Wisdom, Justice and Moderation


January 2, 1788



Illustrated by MMonster9

Pride before the fall is the best way to describe Andrew. He's a very proud southern man who used to live a very rough life of fending off Spanish troops located in his southern territories and what would later become Florida. Known as the 'peach state', he's actually the 2nd (often third to SC) largest producer of peaches in the USA-- California obviously being the first.

Andrew, referred to solely as Georgia in his childhood days, has taken on the name of several of the most of his influencial figures throughout history: Andrew Young, Robert E. Lee, and Martin Luther King Jr.
Georgia has also taken to referring to himself as "The Empire State of the South" and justifies this by his surname of "King", thus taking on this persona of being a royal figure in his region-- and, in some ways, it's true. During the Civil War, Atlanta became the capital of the Confederacy, ended only by William Tecumseh Sherman in his Campaign of Atlanta and March to the Sea.

Speaking of Sherman, that's a touchy topic for this state. Andrew loathes Sherman with an eternally burning hatred. Prior to Sherman's campaign, his objective was "to make Georgia howl." And, howl, he did. A scar right across his chest, leading to his waist, may be the only physical thing left with him from Sherman, but the memories and fear of fire occasionally re-emerge as nightmares.

During the Reconstruction period, Andrew was a bitter, redeveloping state, holding a secret resentment for being the last confederate state "forgiven." With northern money going towards the rebuilding of his cities, he silently waited for the opportunity to reemerge (and hopefully delve back into his Antebellum days, which, unfortunate for him, never returned) as a powerful southern state.

During the mid 19th century, referred to as "The Gilded Age", many large names like Rockefeller visited him on Jekyll island in order to flaunt their wealth.

Almost immediately after the Civil War, Georgia became part of what was referred to as "The Solid South", a group of southern states who voted under the Democratic ticket together as a way of sustaining their 'confederacy'--politically, at least.

The 1950s and 60s brought rapid change in his neck of the woods as segregation (which was still prominent throughout the country) was brought back to the forefront in big issues. A young pastor straight out of Atlanta, named Martin Luther King Jr, became a leader in non-violent racial protests and engaged in practices such as 'sit-ins' and marches. Associated with King was the mayor of Atlanta, Andrew Young, who engaged in these non-violent protests and later went on to become a Georgia congressman.

In more recent times, Georgia's population has boomed with a Northeastern/Midwestern immigration, making it the 9th most populated state in the US.
Due to this population boom, Andrew managed to gain an inch in height and an additional electoral vote. Nathan Deal is the incumbent Governor and Saxby Chambliss & Johnny Isakson are the state senators.

Personality & InterestsEdit

Andrew is stubborn, wiley, and proud-- all characteristics he's held onto since his readmission into the union. But, there's no doubt that he's changed and grown. As a child, he was careless and impulsive, set only on doing whatever he pleased (he liked England, but because he was established as a debtor's colony [which never was], England paid him little mind.) In the Revolutionary War, he was conflicted (so many loyalists lived in GA) and left much of the fighting to states such as Massachusetts and Pennsylvania. In the Civil War, although there was no immediate threat of an invasion of his state, the proud Georgians charged into battle. These days, however, he's sort of a bum-- comparatively, of course. Andrew, due to being located in the Bible belt, retains much of his strong religious values and has become sort of a bible thumper when the opportunity presents itself. He's really naive when it comes to romance, but doesn't become flustered very easily with physical contact and such. The southerner is very easy going and simply likes the company of others. Despite the 'redneck' jokes make towards him, he's incredibly intelligent and hardworking. Although statistics suggest that his schooling isn't very good, he takes pride in flaunting that the school board in New York awarded one of his counties, Gwinnett (named for Button Gwinnett, an original signer of the Constitution), with 1 million dollars in scholarship money in 2010.


  • Caucasian, often sporting a light farmer's tan.
  • Stands 5'11"
  • Has a stockier athletic build, result of years of football and working in the fields.
  • Hair: Can be described as a dish-water blonde or an extremely light brunette. His hair texture is generally fine and wispy but there's so much of it that it's cut into shorter layers. Long, blended side-burns.
  • Highlighting trait: has startlingly bright blue eyes.
  • His dress is rather casual and often consists of sporting wear. On more formal occasions, he'll sport a suit and jacket or even slacks and a dress shirt, but he prefers comfort over all else.


Alabama- Heart of Dixie. England left Alabama and Mississippi in his hands after capturing them from France. He views AL as a good companion and most likely the one he'd turn to first. Of course, when it comes to the 'redneck' stereotype, his finger instantly points just westward.

Florida- He hardly considers her lifestyle southern but appropriately puts up with his neighbor just south of him. They're huge football rivals and have clashed over tourism and water distribution for years. Still, their relationship is of mostly friendly exchange. That doesn't stop him from cheering "Go Dawgs" whenever she's around, however.

England- The father that wasn't really there. He made a couple visits, but his regard for GA was very little. GA isn't very deeply invested in Arthur either. He just needed an ego-stroking from time to time.

North and South Carolina- Good terms, for the most part. He resents that South Carolina has a giant peach monument in their state, however.

America- Supervisor. He hates that America tries to treat him like his child. He doesn't like feeling like an underling and will refute all familial claims.

The Northeastern states- "Damn Yanks"


  • He has a horrific sweet-tooth
  • Football is religion. No questions.
  • "O' the land of the free, and the home of the Braves" (what Georgians sing at Braves baseball games)
  • Savannah, GA is allegedly one of the most haunted towns in America.
  • The only country/state/providence in the world that has an 'Athens', 'Sparta', and 'Rome', all within its boundaries.
  • Sweet tea, pies, Coke-a-Cola, and Chick-fil-a might as well be his diet.
  • The Atlanta Braves won a World Series in 1993.
  • Host of the 1996 Summer Olympics
  • He used to be a card-carrying member of the Ku Klux Klan-- now, he'll pretty much deny they exist.
  • He hates it when Alfred tries to call him "his son."
  • He'd secretly like to punch New York in the mouth. Secretly.


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