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The State of Florida
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Human Name:

Laura Martinez


  • La Florida
  • Tegesta
  • "East"
  • America's Gun
  • America's Mullet
  • America' Or just plain "P*nis." (Though she'd rather you didn't call her that...)

Official Nicknames from Wikipedia:

  • Alligator State
  • Citrus State[citation needed]
  • Everglade State
  • Flower State
  • God's Waiting Room
  • Gulf State
  • Hurricane State[citation needed]
  • Manatee State[citation needed]
  • Orange State
  • Peninsula State or Peninsular State
  • Sunshine State (currently used on license plates)
  • Tropical State[citation needed]


497+ (looks about 19)

Height, weight:

5'3", fairly light weight


In God We Trust.


March 3, 1845 (27th)

Laura is a character for the State-Tan Project and represents the state of Florida.


Florida State Flag



Discovery and Colonial times. (1513-1844)Edit

Found by the SpanishEdit

While native tribes lived in Florida for thousands of years prior to European colonization, she was too little to really remember much of it. However, Spain, (accompanied by Ponce De Leon) arrived on her shores on April 2, 1513, six days after Easter and still during Pascua Florida. (a Spanish term for the "Flowery Easter" season) Because of the timing and her "Flowered Land" appearance, they decided to call her "La Florida." (Had Flowers been manly and her a male, I'm sure they would have named her "El Florido" instead.)

Spanish Rule (and Lurking France)Edit

Ponce de Leon and Spain were originally in search for the Fountain of Youth, but they liked the place enough to create the first permanent European settlement in the USA; Pensacola. (1559- which also makes it the oldest European settlement today- but since Wikipedia can't seem to agree on whether Pensacola or St. Augustine is the oldest, I'll just go by what both cities say in their own pages.) Spain was surprised to know that she spoke his language, because apparently the Spanish have been visiting her for years, but it was never documented. (in real life, a Chief of a certain native tribe was able to speak Spanish) However, Spain wasn't the only Nation interested in her. France was also colonizing the territory at the time. While he was formidable enough for Spain to basically say something like "Come on you guys, we need to colonize faster!!", usually, things never worked out so well for the French nation. (It's actually funny how Pensacola's nickname is "The City of Five Flags", but France's flag isn't featured at all, even though he DID have some control of Florida back then.) Spain (along with Great Brittan) had divided Florida into East/Oriental Florida and West/Occidental Florida, hence her childhood pigtails (the pigtail explanation is subject to change, however.) Most if not all of West Florida was made up of what is currently Louisiana, Mississippi, and Alabama, so whether or not this area would be its own character is up for debate and hasn't been decided yet.

British Rule (End of the Seven Years War)Edit

When the Seven Yeas War ended in 1763, England gained control over Florida. Due to his influence, she had a new-found love for magical things. Florida even vowed to have her own Magic Kingdom someday. The two also enjoyed stargazing, (Which would eventually lead to NASA's creation) and it's speculated that she was one of the things that softened him up from his so-called Pirate days. (in Hetalia fan art, England tends to be drawn in Pirate clothes around the time of the Seven Years' War, though English fans/history buffs believe England would have been more like a Privateer than an actual Pirate. There's quite a difference...but if England was really a "punk/delinquent" back then, well, who knows?)

Florida had remained loyal to the crown during the American Revolution, (which makes sense seeing how I'm sure she was going through that phase of Pixie Dust and Unicorns) but during this time, Pensacola was captured by Spain. How this affects the state-tan is uncertain at this time, as FL-tan's creator has re-researched the state's past very recently and hasn't decided yet. (Perhaps he had seized her vital regions?)

Second Spanish Rule (and America's Influence)Edit

Once America won the Revolutionary War, England took off and Florida was once again reunited with Spain. However, the boundaries weren't specific, which would eventually lead to West Florida attempting to rise up and become their own state/republic. (as apposed to being part of the Louisiana Purchase) However, this Rebellion only lasted for 90 days, and the area of the short-lived republic became smaller and smaller. Georgia and Florida faught over boundary lines as well.

Spain and Florida's reunion wouldn't last too long though, for he had started to noticed that she had gradually become "More American", as opposed to being a Spanish territory. So, knowing that Florida would be better off under America's care, Spain wound up selling her for $5 million and the amount of Texas America got during the Louisiana Purchase. (Of course, he didn't really tell her he'd be leaving, so she wound up finding out the hard way, nor did she know his reasons for selling her, as he asked America not to tell her)

Wikipedia had a very interesting way of summing up this time period: "The second term of Spanish rule was heavily influenced by the United States. There were border disputes along the boundary with the state of Georgia and issues of American use of the Mississippi. These problems were supposedly solved in 1795 by the Treaty of San Lorenzo, which among other things solidified the boundary of Florida and Georgia along the 31st parallel. However, as Thomas Jefferson had once predicted, the U.S. could not keep its hands off Florida."

Towards the end of Florida's Spanish rule, the First Seminole War took place. (1817-1818) After the war, the US affectively took control of East Florida.

American FrontierEdit

Not quite a state yet, she was known as America's Florida Territory. East and West Florida were merged, (though the majority of the west went to New Orleans territory and Mississippi territory) and she gained Tallahassee as her new Capitol. Not all was sunny in Florida though, as this was also when the Second Seminole War had occurred. (1835-1842) This war lasted longer than any other war involving the United States between the American Revolution and the Vietnam War.

Statehood (1845-present)Edit

On March 3, 1845, Florida had finally become the 27th state. Even though about half the population was made up of enslaved African Americans, White settlers still pressed for land belonging to the Seminoles. This eventually lead to the Third Seminole War which lasted from 1855 to 1858.

This incident explains why Florida took so long to become a state, as all her surrounding neighbors had become one by now. This also explains why she had the smallest population of the seceding states by the time the American Civil War rolled around, (just 3 years after the last Seminole War) so she couldn't contribute much to the confederates other than beef, salt, and other supplies.

Confederacy (Crossing it out for now, since she probably wouldn't be a teenager even if she's technically 19 right now)Edit

This was most likely during her rebellious teenage years, however, she did have her reasons for turning against America. During this time she relied heavily on citrus crops, and free labor. When she got word that Slavery was fixing to get abolished, she pretty much freaked out, marched right up to him and said something along the lines of "What are you thinking? I can't afford to hire for that labor; and without that labor, I'll die!" and when your best friend pretty much wants to allow something that could kill or cause harm to you, that's kind of when you decide to leave. She was surprisingly quick to do so too, seeing as how she was only the Third State to join the Confederacy. (South Carolina being the first, Mississippi being the second)

During the war, there were one or two major battles fought on her land. ((I've yet to decide where/if she has any scars)) However, her job was mainly to make sure Salt and other supplies made it to the confederates. Also women didn't really fight back then, though lots of them were nurses; so seeing as how she provided important necessities, one can somewhat see her as more of the South's "Cleric" so to speak. (In .hack// terms; South Carolina would be the Blade Brandier, Mississippi would be the Steam Gunner, and Florida would be the Harvest Claric of the group)

Personality & InterestsEdit

The Below is a WIP of her Chibi Profile, but it's a bit more updated compared to what was here. Also this is subject to change, and links will be added in later.

A warm, bubbly girl in a (mostly) sub-tropical climate, it’s no wonder
why she’s called “The Sunshine State.” She enjoys having lots of fun so
she’s kind of a party girl, but she’s also quite family-oriented and very
relaxed. She can be feisty when angered though, due to her competitive
nature and ability to “Shoot first and ask questions later.” She is very
in-touch with Spanish-speaking cultures but wouldn’t hesitate to get
involved in “Red-neck” Shenanigans, and can seem uneducated at times.

Some of her hobbies are sleeping, fishing, and playing sports. (Mostly N.
American Football) She also enjoys being out-doors with diverse wildlife;
such as Flamingos, Manatees, Panthers and even Alligators; which are
very common outside city areas. (and even then...) She was very much a
wild-child back when most of the state was like the Everglades.

Since she has the largest coastline in the US, the Beach plays a big part in her
recreation and tourism. Florida has become famous for theme parks like
Disney World, Universal Studios, Sea World, Busch Gardens, etc. but also for
NASA’s space program in Cape Canaveral. Florida is also seen as “That place
where old people go when they retire.”

This stuff in italics is a little out-dated but is mostly accurate. Being the Sunshine State, it's no surprise that Florida has a cheery disposition. (Though contrary to popular belief, it rains almost ALL THE TIME there; and yes, it can get freezing cold. But due to the dry air that only exists in winter time, it almost never snows) While tourists get on her nerves, she treats them rather well; even better than some of her locals. She can appear "fake" at times, (she has a bit of a hang-up about that...or angst) but she tends to get along well with all her siblings, and she's pleasant to be around. However, cross her and she'll have to introduce you to her pet Alligator "Chompy" (who currently lives in the Everglades) or she'll send you on a little boat ride to the Bermuda Triangle. (So maybe the next time you decide to call her a P*nis, take that into consideration <3) She was rather spoiled by Spain in the past, and being the 4th most popular state, (population = popularity in this case) she can seem somewhat preppy at times, so to new people she's embarrassed to show what she's really like. (Aka, just a nothing-special, spongy piece of flat land) Also, she's self-conscious about being flat in places, (cough -breasts and buns- cough) but she's somewhat confident in the fact that she has a slender build and "puni-puni" skin. (aka soft and squishy)

While she may seem pretty dim, (people sometimes assume that she is because she's from the south, not to mention it's been said that you can get into UF- or was it UCF? just by spelling your name the whole..."confusion" thing on the ballots when electing Bush, and of course the infamous "Don't tase me bro!" incident) she will get smart-mouthed if you say something that even she thinks is stupid. After all, a state where NASA is based in is automatically none too bright. (It's just rocket science!)

Florida is a girl with a need for speed, and will race anything that moves. She also enjoys just about every sport there is, and despite being rather competitive because of it, she can be very chill, or relaxed. (She can often be found snoozing in the shade somewhere) For obvious reasons she also likes to swim. (Remember kids, it's the Humidity, not the heat that really makes you miserable)

She also loves Oranges, (and orange Juice) and will often give them to people in the same way that America gives away Hamburgers; to cure all your ailments! (Mickey Mouse hats have a similar calming affect; or so she thinks)



Different ideas that were thought of after her official profile was posted; these weren't drawn out 'til much later, though.

  • Hair Color: Blonde (flippy, usually in a ponytail with her bangs parted on her left side, somewhat spikey)
  • Eye Color: Light Brown (They almost look Orange, but they're not. Think like Anime!Romano or something)
  • Skin Color: Fair (due to her European influence; and because most "tan" folk in Florida either go tanning or they're hespanic)
  • Clothes: While this is subject to change, she usually wears a lime green tank-top with a Flamingo on it, blue short shorts, pink sandles, a bracelet, and a shark-tooth necklace. The color of her outfit can vary though, and you can even be creative with her style, seeing as how her creator is fashion-impared so most of her characters dress simple/boringly.

She looks a lot like Poland (or so I've been told) but in her new Profile image (whenever I get around to it) she'll probably look closer to Hidekaz's recent drawing of Belgium; which he posted in his blog as a series of '09 christmas pictures.

Relationships (based off Mizu's head-canon)Edit


(If your state would like to be added to the list, just post in the discussion section or send me a note on dA!)

The south:

  • Georgia: While she and him do get along, there's a very strong football rivalry between the two states. It's about as fierce as NY and MA's baseball rivalry really. There's probably a deep history behind it, but part of it may have something to do with their time as Colonies; him having raided her forts 3 times, England and Spain being enemies at the time, etc. However Florida still sees herself as somewhat a big sister to her southern states, (excluding VA, who, really seems more like a big sister to her) so she's there for him if he needs her.
  • Alabama: Florida sees him as a little brother with a shared football rivalry, though it's pretty mild compared to the one between her and GA. She actually use to be very similar to him as far as livin' the simple life and their terrain went. Though she knows there's most likely something between him and GA, somehow, the three of them manage to get into shinannygins. (Or rather, whenever one of them has a problem, they wind up going to her house. But she's happy to know that they can still count on her and such. )

That about sums it up <3

  • Mississippi: Another younger sibling; these two were probably rather close, seeing as how both she, Mississippi, and South Carolina were the first to join the Confederacy. She also admires him for being able to open his heart to other people and states, even after being so hurt in the past. Plus his strong spiritual ties are also admirable. They also have similar views on things.
  • Louisiana: One of the few states she actually gets tongue-tied around, or even nervous; she still thinks highly of him, and wishes that they could spend more time together. They also enjoy fishing very much; though she sometimes worries about him, seeing as how he grew up with having France as a father figure.
  • Virginia: In Florida's mind, Virginia is an elegant older sister with Southern hospitality; and even outside her mind, this still holds true! They get along very well as they're both conservative, yet Florida herself tends to be more flexible with certain things. (She still goes to VA whenever she needs advice though) Although Florida doesn't mean anything by it, she can't help but be a little jealous of the Belle's feminine graces; since they get her so much attention. But again, she doesn't let that get between the two.

The North:

  • Massachusetts: While Florida still has trouble spelling "Massachusetts" sometimes, these two still have a strong, almost sisterly bond. Though MA tends to see herself as "superior" to her in a way, they both enjoy each others company and even respect their varied opinions on things. You tend to see a lot of FL license plates in MA, and vise versa. (Though the switched version mostly happens during the winter) Not to mention these girls both have a rebellious streak, even if they were forced to fight each other for a time.
  • New York: Yet another state that FL sometimes has trouble communicating with, and although he may seem cold & cranky, she is still very fond of him. His place is pretty much the one bragged-about vacation spot. For example; in lots of states, you hear about how people go to Florida for a vacation. But guess where Floridians go to? That's right, New York! (She even has a few "I <3 New York (as a friend) shirts in her closet somewhere)
  • New Jersey: Florida tends to visit him a lot; almost as often as she visits New York. At first she always saw him as "New York's little brother", and usually only visited him because it was cheaper than staying at a hotel in New York. (Not enough room at NY's place either) But she gradually started to notice he's the one with all the Diners, guido-isms and a personality of his own. Not to mention you can't forget someone with the name "Garden State", especially when you're a flowery state yourself. He's also less intimidating than New York (to her anyway) due to his laid-back college kid look.

The West/Other:

  • California: Though not much can be said here, these two are so tight that he just HAS to be mentioned. Seriously; were these two separated at birth or something?? They're so alike and different! However she also sees him as a rival; but mostly because she's secretly envious of him. Beaches, Waves, Hollywood Stars; he pretty much has everything she has, only better! (Or so she believes) Regardless of any jealousy there might be, (and who knows; he might be envious of her in some way) she hardly ever thinks about that because these two are too busy being BFF's. In my mind I can see them dressed like Mickey and Minnie Mouse...
  • Alaska: Though climate opposites, FL understands Alaska's loneliness, so she tries to cheer her up whenever she can, and be positive. She also enjoys ice fishing with her, just so long as she stays bundled up <3

Axis Powers Hetalia Characters:Edit

  • Spain: The doting father-figure who showered her with compliments; though at the same time, his cluelessness made him difficult to deal with. (Not to mention he would talk about Romano all the time, and abandoned her twice; the second time without even saying goodbye)
  • France: Though Charming, to Florida, France somewhat carried a "creepy uncle" kind of vibe. She was fond of him to some degree, but still wouldn't hesitate to laugh at his expense.
  • England: At first, England seemed like a very scary Pirate, since he raided her forts plenty of times, set things on fire, shot cannons, hurt Spain, etc; however, when he defended her from France, and got to know him a little better, she began to see him as a Charming. (perhaps even Dashing) There's also a possibility that, seeing as how this is one of the last we see of his Pirate years, Florida may have been the one to soften him a bit, helping him become the English Gentleman you see today. They also both shared an interest in Magic. (In present times, England makes sure to make regular or annual visits to Disney World)
  • America: Her current care-taker, or "parental figure." However, she almost never calls him "dad" or anything, since to her, it would kinda feel weird. It's like if a friend from High School turned 18 before you did and suddenly decided to adopt you when you were a freshman. Even though she has rebelled against him during the Civil War, these two are about as much BFF's as her and CA are; seeing as how both she and America love football, and other typical "American" pass-times. (Aka, sports in General; plus they both have a ditzy factor that they both know how to use to their advantage)
  • N. & South Italy: These two are pretty much like Cousins to her, and personality wise, she's like a mix of both of them. After all she is Lazy and Silly, yet can be bratty and sensitive at times. Also, Philly Swirl Stix were made in Florida; and it's been said that it's like a combination between a Sorbet, and Italian Ice.


-Her eye color was originally a mistake on the artist's part. She wanted them to be whatever Spain's were. She later remembered that they were green, not brown. But she would have looked like England with her blonde hair; and would have looked too much like Spain if her hair were brown. (as seen in one of the above pictures) So she said "forget it" and kept the brown eye color.

-Despite acting like Poland at times, she mostly acts like N. & S. Italy (Or Greece and Australia) Mostly because she's silly and likes to snooze, but is quick-tempered around Spain or people even she thinks are being clueless.

-During Florida's design process, for some reason, the creator had only one look in mind. However, once she got her official profile up, MizuTakishima suddenly had a bunch of new, more accurate ideas; one of which was basically a clone of Noto-sama. (A girly boy in drag who has the same eye and hair color as Spain)

-In Florida, most men who are good looking are either gay, or taken. This may explain why she doesn't let herself get too close to anyone in that way.

-Florida is the only place where you can find both Alligators and Crocodiles.

-Due to Indian imports, there are certain species of Fish that you can only find in the Everglades

-She doesn't like Cuba because he keeps coming over without permission.

-However she does let him help her pick Oranges and hangout in Miami.

-The creator of this Florida now resides in Illinois; needless to say, there was a lot of culture shock involved. She's too lazy to illustrate this though, but maybe someday...

-Florida's creator and Idaho's creator are both siblings in real life. Mizu helped out a lot in Idaho's creation, but Nikko (Idaho's creator) did a lot of work on her own too.

-The Seminole Wars are also known as the Florida Wars


This version of a Florida-tan has been brought to you by MizuTakishima

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