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Brett Tyler is a character in the State-tan Project. He represents the State of California.


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Personality & InterestsEdit

To sum his personality up, Brett is the most popular out of the states and he knows it. He’s dramatic and flashy ("Alright, start the meeting, I'm here!"), and he makes sure that he is the center of attention (whether it’s in a good situation or a bad one, this usually works out). And it doesn’t really help that his ego is constantly being fed by his overall good fortune.

What he doesn’t know is that most of the other states resent him. A stereotypical blonde, he can be quite oblivious and usually cannot read the air ("Wait... what?"). Sometimes, he misses insults entirely or brushes them off as sarcasm.

Despite that, he still loves to have fun with his friends, kidnapping inviting them for trips to the beach or for a day at Disneyland. And although his appreciation of them may seem superficial, he’s fond of his fellow states deep inside all the same (but he doesn’t straightforwardly show this, of course).

A beachgoer (obviously), one of his favorite pastimes is to just hang-out at the beach and relax, swim, surf, tan, show-off, flirt, chat… However, sometimes he heads north and/or inland to take a break from the fast-paced city life. From checking on his farmland in Central Valley (he’s a country-boy at heart, and like most of the U.S.A., his first few businesses began in agriculture) to heading north to spend time in San Francisco or to visit his capital Sacramento, there are endless activities he can choose from. Now and then he heads on over to Yosemite to enjoy the outdoors and go for some camping and hiking (and photography – another hobby).

Having the best economy in the U.S.A. (and the eighth best economy in the world), he tends to love his money. He’s the spoiled rich-kid that expects everything to be handed to him, but being an extravagant and impulsive spender and rather materialistic, he has dug himself in a hole of debt and doesn’t know what to do about it (he’s reluctant to pay it off, not wanting to let go of his riches "But I love that Ferrari! And that one, and that one...").

He can be quite successful when he puts his mind to something and when it benefits him. Plus, he can be smart when it comes to facts about himself. Other than that, he’s usually a laid-back kind of guy who doesn’t really bother to do anything or know anything.

Entertainment is his forte. From Hollywood to amusement parks, he loves to make people smile. He’s dramatic at times, turning small situations into big deals; he’s also quite the gossiper and paparazzo. And speaking of amusement parks…

Weather-wise, he experiences quite a variety, although he still absolutely loves sunny days and does not like rain. He’s also quite fond of his San Francisco fog and finds it serene and relaxing on his quiet days (and he does have his calm times). He is used to earthquakes and sometimes doesn’t take them seriously, as they have become a normal routine for him (unless they’re large ones); fires on the other hand have devastated him in many instances and caused him to have long-lasting arsonphobia.

A strong liberalist, he believes so much in freedom and equality in everything to the point of religious fervor. Well, maybe not that much, but pretty close. He wants everyone to get along (“Coexist!”) and for there to be peace everywhere, which is why he tries to make people happy – although it usually doesn’t turn out that way.

In a way, he’s somewhat bipolar; his moods can switch in an instant depending on the situation. (He’s also one of those people who talk to themselves a lot, arguing with himself – rather with his NorCal-SoCal ideals – now and then; it’s kind of like those cartoons where the devil is on one shoulder and the angel is on the other. "Go green and conserve water, but save some for my pool!")

When he’s in a bad mood, he tends to be extremely obnoxious and says/does unkind things without thinking about other’s feelings. He can be quite manipulative, too, using money, blackmail, and conversational skills to get people to help put him in the spotlight. (But, hakuna matata, he isn’t usually like this.)

But, he can be serious if he wants to. Honestly.


STP - CA Ref Sheet 2 wiki

California Reference Sheet

Brett has medium length golden blonde hair (kind of like your average teenage boy hairstyle, with the part on the left; his original hair color was brown), bright teal eyes, and a celebrity-esque smile. He has a naturally fair skin color, but since he's out in the sun so much it's generally somewhat tan. He usually w
STP - CA Hetalia ID wiki

California Hetalia ID

ears a simple T-shirt, shorts, sandals, and maybe a pair of sunglasses during the summer, a light jacket along with the former (but jeans instead of shorts and shoes instead of sandals) during colder weather, and a winter jacket, jeans, snow boots, scarf, and a hat when he goes to the snow (but what he wears really doesn't matter). He is also rather tall and is slightly muscular.



Alaska: Brett doesn’t really understand how Aleu can live in a place with such a varying climate – and with such short summers! So, to give her break from her long winters, he enjoys inviting her over so she can have a glimpse of a real summer (he feels like such the gentleman even though he’s just showing-off; he really does want her to have some company, though). Plus, she gave him his only winter coat.

Colorado: Countercultures! Probably some of the only things Brett and Leslie have in common with each other are that they are U.S. states whose names start with the letter ‘C’ and who used to be under Spanish/Mexican control. She loves the outdoors and the snow, he rather stay at the coast and enjoy his favorite Mediterranean climate; (WIP)

Florida: Laura is obviously Brett’s best friend for life. These two can tell each other almost everything (and they talk A LOT) and have secret conversations together in Spanish, thinking that they’re the only ones who can understand what they’re saying (they forget that Spanish is the second most well-known language in the world). They have so much excess money that they take spontaneous vacations to each other’s places, whether it’s to act like tourists at an amusement park or to simply hang-out at the beach. Their passion is everything-beach: surfing, swimming, and sunbathing. But every friendship has its quirks, and theirs is found mainly in amusement parks. (Also agriculture, but who fights over fruits and other food? They rather eat them. Or sell them.) He started places like Disneyland and Universal Studios, and then she goes and takes the ideas and makes them… well, bigger and better (not that he cares since he’s still better). Nevertheless, he ignores this slight rivalry since they’re too busy enjoying the park rides anyway.

Hawaii: David is Brett’s surfing buddy and his other favorite person to visit (Florida and Mexico are also this). Sometimes he can’t help but say, “Hi, HI!” Having taught Brett how to surf, he loves the competition whenever they go out to the beach. Even though Brett thinks of himself as the conquerer of the waves of the world, he can never beat David himself. But he encourages the Californian to practice until he's the best of the best.

New York: “Mikey” is Brett’s self-proclaimed good friend, although Michael himself most likely doesn’t think so. They both have pride/ego issues, plus lots of cultural similarities, which causes a huge rivalry between the two (LA vs. NYC, anyone?). However, despite seeing each other as rivals – and despite being annoyed with each other almost all the time – these two consider each other friends, no matter how much they try to deny it. No. Probably not.

Pacific Northwest States (Oregon, Washington): Coffee suppliers and fellow “Go-Green Comrades.” (WIP)

Southwestern States (Arizona, Nevada, New Mexico, Utah): A.K.A. the Southwest Idiot Brothers (Texas is also included in this). They love barbeque... (WIP)

Texas: (WIP)



  • Brett’s design came from one of the characters his creator usually uses as a model to practice drawing. It was convenient that he looked like a stereotypical Californian. His original design had orange eyes (but that would really make him look like Laura’s twin).
  • His eye color is teal because his creator couldn’t choose whether to give him blue eyes or green eyes. So, she chose the color in between.
  • But, coincidentally, that choice made his hair color and eye color kind of correspond with the state colors of California, blue (for the ocean) and gold (for, well... gold).
  • And speaking of hair color, Brett's natural hair color is brown, but it has been bleached blonde by chemical and natural (sunshine) means.
  • His creator doesn’t really know why she gave him the last name Tyler, since it isn’t Spanish-influenced at all. It just sounded nice. But it’s such a coincidence that the 10th U.S. President’s last name is also Tyler.
  • In the time before the Spaniards came to settle in California, he grew up with a grizzly bear cub. (Even though the grizzly bear is his state animal, the funny thing is that grizzlies are actually extinct in the California wilderness.) Now, he has a golden retriever named Bev (short for ‘Beverly’).
  • Brett is fluent in Spanish (his first language) and English, although he knows enough of various Asian languages (esp., Chinese – Mandarin and Cantonese – and Filipino) to seem fluent in them.
  • Having grown-up alongside both Mexican and Asian cultures, he’s very open to their cuisine. Some of his favorite foods are Baja-style Mexican food and “fusion foods,” such as California rolls. (Although he is still quite fond of fresh, organic foods and his American fast food. Rather hypocritical indeed.)
  • But, his favorite food would have to be sourdough bread.
  • Although he loves a lot of types of music, his favorite music decades are the 1950s and the 1960s.
  • His lesser-known hobbies (meaning the lesser-known hobbies for him as a person, not as the state, since everyone knows about Hollywood) are photography and making videos.


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