Allen J. Yazzie


The State of Arizona


appears 17-19




February 14

Hair Color:

Blackish Brown

Eye Color:



5 ft 9 in

Capital: Phoenix

Largest city: Phoenix

6th Highest Area Rank

Time zone: -Most State (Mountain: UTC-7) Navajo Nation Mountain: UTC-7/-6

Borders: Nevada, Utah, Colorado, New Mexico, California and Mexico


Discovery/Territory (1539-1862)

Found by the Spanish - Living in a peaceful environment with his native tribe and animals, though he was unaware of the Spanish Expedition. Marcos de Niza, (a Spanish friar) discover the boy while exploring the area, thought it was unusual for boy his age to be on his own. A year later, Spain (accompany by Francisco Vásquez de Coronado) after hearing Marcos story about his discovery, then went up for themselves and soon little Arizona peeping his head out of the bush.

Becoming a Territory - As year goes by, Arizona started to grow and started to adjust to his new situation as live under Spain care, though he was having some issue with Mexico (a man who hated Spain and wouldn’t stop starting at his ’Grand-Canyon’). When Mexico achieved its independence from Spain in 1821, Arizona became part of the Territory of Nueva California, also known as Alta California. In the Mexican–American War (1847), the U.S. occupied Mexico City and pursued its claim to much of northern Mexico, including what later became Arizona.

Territory to Territory - Arizona was administered as part of the Territory of New Mexico, he didn’t mind living with his ’twin’ (just as long he was out of Alta California’s house). Though it didn’t last long until southern New Mexico seceded from the Union and he became known as the Confederate Territory of Arizona on March 16, 1861. Arizona was as least happy that he was recognized as a Confederate Territory by presidential proclamation of Jefferson Davis on February 12, 1862. This is the first official use of the name. A new Arizona Territory, consisting of the western half of New Mexico Territory was declared in Washington, D.C., on February 24, 1863.


Arizona became a U.S. state on February 14, 1912. This resulted in the end to the territorial colonization of Continental America. Arizona was the 48th state admitted into the U.S. and the last of the contiguous states to be admitted. He was able to meet new states he never seen before after joining the Union, America promise him that he won’t be alone (which he never did had a problem with in the first place).


He never the loud type just quiet and relax person, but he love nature that surrounds him whenever he takes a walk somewhere in the desert or sitting on a ledge to view the Grand-Canyon. Once in a great time, he’ll ask Colorado to go River Rafting with him on the Colorado River. Has to deal with a lot of immigrate that crosses his boarder which cause America to freak out. He doesn’t really express his anger much but he’ll introduce you to his ‘pet’ snake, Rada. He has no problem getting along with his sibling but their busy that they don’t have time for him, so he rather hang out his western sibling instead. Though Cali is never there when knocks on his door or Neva.

He loves to run on the Indian Reservation, because of the wide and open space he can endure from the desert plain. (Also he gets no phone signal out there so he doesn’t have to worry about people calling him.) He also love horse back riding and dirt-bike riding as well. When it night time, he love looking at the stars.

He hates cold weather and would not dare go anywhere that has snow, he’ll have to make up a lie about not going. (Sorry to those have snow, Allen hates Snow/cold weather) He love being in the dry/heat climate.

He love fruits, potato, and his native dish, Mutton. Though he would not eat it in front of his sheep friend, Baa-chan.


Hair Color: Blackish Brown Skin Color: Brownish tan Eyes Color: Brown (but when he very excited/joy or mad, it will turn orange/copper) Clothes: He usually wears a maroon long sleeves with a black vest over it, along with black-jean pants. Wear a deep red headband around his head.

Relationship (with the States)Edit

(Arizona is currently single and doesn't date often, though he did had crush on someone but no longer exist anymore. Which left him heartbroken; so now, he doesnt want an relationship {it would be nice lol}. But who knows, if may find someone. He doesn't have any enemies at the moment, just rivaly. )

Alaska - He was shy and scared when he met the tall/big "breast" state, but he learn to get along with her. Though he was to becareful not to be crush.

California - He doesn't mind Californina very popular and all, but sometime it annoys him. Though he does love his ocean's shore.

Colorado - He adore his big sister very much that he pretty much want to hang out with her. Especially when they go river rafting together.

Hawaii: He doesn't get along with Hawaii much, they seem to fight and argue whenever they see eachother. But in the end, they somehow make-up.

New Mexico - He quiet the opposite from his "twin" figure, but it doesn't bother him much. He rather trust New Mexico with everything.

Utah - He has no comment about him, except he was the one who made him a mormon.

Nevada - He never how to gamble till Nevada taught him how when they first met. But is supplying him water.

Wyoming - She going to turn him into a 'bad-ass' someday (Even though he already did that), he enjoys having her around whenever they have something to talk about.

Relationship (with the Nation)Edit

America - At first he never did really like America because he felt that he was trying to brain wash him by throwing away his native tradition/religion, language, and his native names. Wanting him to believe in the english way. So he started to rebel against him but his effert of trying to win back his land fail. Though the years went by, Allen had to accept it and made America his 'father' figure.

Mexico - After being separate from Spain, Mexico really enjoy being near Arizona than most his territory that he gain from Spain. Though he currently mistaken Arizona as young female because of his long black hair and 'beautiful' look, he fell in love. When Arizona heard the news, he had to tell Mexico that he wasn't a girl but a boy. Though when America took him away from Mexico, he was thankful that he save him. *Mexico is like France to Arizona, always finding way to be prevert* Mexico still want Arizona to be part or one with him.*

Japan - Arizona still have scars from the attack on pearl habor, whenever he see Japan. He began to shake, feeling that Japan was going to hurt him or force him to speak his language. (Which his people had use to help America defeat Japan with Navajo Code Talker, which will never be broken.) Though Arizona would shake it off by thinking about Anime and Manga.

Spain - He would pefer to called Spain his father since he was the first to find him after he discover his 'twin'figure, New Mexico. Though Spain didn't visit him much after he return home, Arizona was left in Mexico care.



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