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Personality and Interests

American Samoa is your "average" happy-go-lucky islander. She usually has a smile on her face and finds the good in all situations. She doesn't enjoy seeing arguements and tends to make an effort to stop a conflict. Once in a while it usually results with her having a bruise because someone missed the original target. Although Samoa may seem like an airhead, she actually understands the atmosphere around her rather well, she just doesn't want to comply to it. She is also rather intelligent especially in the medical field. Samoa is a curious person, which causes her to question a lot of things; namely when it comes to anything sexual.

Samoa loves playing a variety of things including soccer, american football, surfing, diving, swimming and dancing. She enjoys eating ice cream (Cool Mint mostly) and Palusami.

Although Samoa doesn't enjoy conflict or violence she is a rather excellent fighter.

She doesn't like the winter or fall because all of the plants and flowers go into hibernation. Neither does she like the discussion of her age. It either reminds her of all the things that occured before she became American terrioty or it reminds her of the fact that she's getting older.


American Samoa has light tanned skin. Her dark marron brown hair is always in two pig-tails with a flower attached to the left side, like a barrette. She has a curl sticking out of the top of her head which has some rather "interesting" effects if touched. Her eye's are harzelnut brown. She usually can be found wearing a pink tank top and a white flowing skirt. She prefers to wear no shoes but can be found with her white ribbon laced up sandals.

Relationships [States/Territories]Edit

'[Guam'] Sees Guam as her elder "sister." From time to time Samoa tends to latch on to Guam because she either feels bored or she just doesn't feel like being alone. Samoa tends to listen to whatever Guam says because "Guam knows best." And she feels comfortable to telling Guam any, it not, everything thats on her mind

[Hawaii] Her "cousin." She likes visiting Hawaii from time to time and loves how delicious his fruits are. Although she worries about Hawaii's rivalry with Arizona she sometimes brushed it off as a boy thing. She feels bad that naval troops that were on her island checking up on her also helped in the down fall of the Kingdom of Hawaii.




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