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United States Virgin Islands: Isabella 'Naomi' Carriedo


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U.S Virgin Islands was a simple place until Spain came. USVI was a small child with her parents, but because Spain wanted them and her people to convert to his ways they would not allow it. USVI parents gave her strict instructions to follow. Without question she did so. USVI watched as everyone around her fall to the ground and did not move, her parents did the same. Scared, she did it anyway, slashing her wrists like her people did. Spain came and found her near death’s door, he saved her and since then she saw him as a second ‘father’. Spain even gave her a name, Isabella, a common Spanish name.

USVI also inherited his last name as well. He told her the truth when she asked what happen; still USVI is sensitive when it comes to her past. Years later, as a young teenager, USVI was taken away from Spain she lived with Netherlands, who did not care much for her except the fact her lands helped with products like sugar and cotton. When she came to live with England, she met China. USVI dislikes England because he kept her working, while he gave his attention to a teenage America. Then she was forced to live with France, who seemed to want her more than country should. USVI still feels uneasy around him. In the middle of the night, Demark had came and took her from France, USVI was taken(kidnapped) between these two for a while, being between France and Denmark home’s as they both wanted her land. Denmark bought USVI from France. With Denmark she met, Finland, Sweden and Norway. Being there, she had come to see him more as a crush than a parental figure. During the years she was under the Danes rule, she was given the name Danish West Indies, Denmark had also called her 'Naomi'-though this name was rarly used.

During the Napoleonic Wars, Britian had use her islands the first time, from March 1801 to March 27, 1802, and again from December 1807 to November 20, 1815. After that Britian returned USVI to Denmark.

USVI actually stood on her own for a good six months before France helped Denmark regain control of her again.

Five days before WWI Danish West Indies-aka USVI- was sold to America. Mostly because USVI was so close to America and it would be an advantage should any enemies of America obtian her/them.

Around the WWII times, America had a submarine base built on St. Thomas, in order to protect this, he bought Water Island from Denmark, to help the defenses on USVI.

Personality & InterestsEdit


When she decided to be more plauyful, she often dress up. This is her cheerleading, she made her own fit, since she isn't an 'official' one.

U.S Virgin Islands, doesn’t speak much of her past wanting to keep it that way. She is very open and sees noreason to hide things people will find out anyway. She keeps a tough exterior, refusing to show any sign of weakness to those she does not know. USVI does wear her emotions, but to avoid any questioning she acts happy and care-free, pushing all her anger or any saddness to a spot in her mind. USVI is very aware of her multiple-personality, and only hopes they don't decide to come out at the most inapporiate times. At the moment is she only knows of two that exist in her. Other than that, she is actually care-free and enojys the simple things. She is calm and friendly, she can be harsh and somethings she says is un-called for.

As of late, her personality has actually become a lot more calmer than before. Interacting with others besides her sister, helped the islander be a bit more open. But still likes solitude ever now and then. she also drinks and smokes a lot more now but never on her island.

La-La: La-la seems to be the child like side of USVI; she doesn’t like to be alone and heavily depends on her ‘father’ Spain, she much more like Isabella, except she is talkative and sticks her nose in everyone’s business. She doesn’t usually know when she is not needed. La-La also sees Guam, America Samoa, N. Marina Islands as the sisters she never had. In this state, she sees herself as a child and not the adult she is. La-La is easily frighten and hides where ever she can fit herself. La-La is the age of six, one year after the incident of her people and parents. So she still recalls this moment and tends not to near anything sharp or anyone to touch her hands.

Javier: It's hard to believe but this persona is male, and like La-La Javier sees 'him'self as a male. Because of Spain and the country trying to have her see his point of view only and converting her to his religon, USVI had develop this side only because she didn't want to stray away from her true nature. In a way Javier is like Spain. He speaks Spanish more than English, though. Javier's age is that of a 26 year old. Javier is very flirtatious to both sexes, though it is kind of umcomfortable considering 'Javier' is in a females body. He is fun and very outgoing, But he also very aggressive sometimes.

As far as interests, she enjoys singing, music, dancing, fashion, some sports, and arts.


USVI has tanned skin, long dark brown hair; usually wore in high pigtails with white hair ties at the top of her
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An updated look of Isabella (USVI)

head. There is a large section on the left side of her hair colored a silver-blue, representing the oil refenery on ST. Croix. She wears strapless halter top, that is white and has a heart on the front of it. She usually wears khaki capri pants or even plain old blue shorts. USVI also wears 2-inch white heels, one sliver earring on her right ear and two flower bracelets; one on each wrist. USVI has Heterochromia; causing one of her eyes to be azure and the other a light grey, her eyes are a reflection of the beaches USVI has (so she claims).

Since then, USVI has changed her looks and clothing. Though on events she likes to wear her old outfit and hairstyle, but nowadays she will have her hair either down or in a ponytail. she'll either wear a simple white blouse and skirt or even shorts and a halter top. Trying to move on she has removed her earring and replaced with with drop earrings with diamonds in platinum. Of course, her taste has become striking more expensive. Wearing more classy and name-brand clothing and jewelry. Even if she cannot really afford this High Maintenance lifestyle.

USVI is of Arawakan/Carib origin, though to most it is hard to believe because of her very light eyes.


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Mississippi: USVI sees him as younger brother, even though they both were under Spain's rule at the same time for only a short moment. She tries to be a better role model for him, sometimes forgetting he is an adult himself-almost treating him like a kid-, but her plans usually go bad no matter what she does. (Sometimes she thinks he doesn't respect her so much). They do not have the excat "picture-perfect-brother-sister" relationship because of this she tries to bond with him as much as she can. USVI is protective of him, not wanting to see him hurt in any way. Mark is one of the few who she will actually say " I love you' to, but quickly dismisses it with a quick punch on the arm.

Arizona: USVI likes Arizona very much as a brother, she believes the two have much in common about their past and they tend to get along somewhat well, though this is a rare event.

Hawaii: USVI has her reasons for dis-liking him, but tolerates him enough.

New York: USVI usually only interacts with him through business related subjects, she often tries to form a friendship with him. Though it is a bit difficult because he is so serious. As others do, she finds it entertaining to mess with him on occasions.

Connecticut: She absolutely adores him, even though they had some not-so-friendly times, she likes to think of Connecticut as a best friend. Very much so she shares personal things with him, knowing he doesn't ridicule her. As a close friend, she can/will be protective as she is with anyone else she claims are her friends.

Axis Powers Hetalia Characters:

America: USVI doesn’t like America much, but she tolerates him enough. To her America is like a younger brother regardless of the fact he has accomplish so much more than she has. Even though their relationship is a bit off, she still cares enough for him to be there when he needs someone.

Britain: She is not close to Britain whatsoever, to the point that whenever she sees him, USVI tends to keep her distance.

Spain: Spain was the first to find her, even though he tried to convert her to his ways, she refused every time. Eventually, she came to see him as a ‘dad’. USVI came around and learned the things he knew. Regardless of the past their relationship is much better and she enjoys his company.

France: There are no fond memories when she lived with France, even though there were times it was starting to become uncomfortable living with him, USVI did enjoy the food and learned French from him. Still she doesn’t like to be left alone with him, for obvious reasons.

Netherlands: USVI doesn’t much care for him but does retain a 'very' soft spot for him.

Norway: She hasn’t spent much time with him, but from the limited time she talked with him, she sees him as an okay person.

Denmark: USVI adores him more than one should. Even though she was told to do most of the household chores, she thinks it is because Denmark wanted to spend more time with her. (This is what she thinks). USVI was deeply disappointed when she had to live with America. Around him she gets nervous and can hardly talk at times. (Denmark is also the only one, besides Spain, who notices her alter egos)

China: USVI likes China and thinks he is an interesting person. She is oblivious to the fact that she comes off as if she is flirting with him, sending off the wrong vibe.

South Italy (Romano): Is like a sibling to her, considering she met him when she lived with Spain. They argue quite often but understand each other as well. Both debate who is the oldest. (Which is Romano.)

Finland: Doesn’t know him quite well.

Sweden: He quite often intimidates her.

Germany: USVI stays clear of him, but at times she picks a fight with him because of the fact he tried to hurt Denmark.


Ontario: She has butted heads with him once or twice, but nothing too serious for her to dislike him.

Saskatchewan: A bit shy around him at first, she eventually became very open with him. More so than anyone. Even finding the strange things he does or says 'cute'. USVI can be affection to him but tries not to over do it, scared she'll run him off. Other than that, the two get along quite well enough, they are going steady.


Puerto Rico: Isabella thinks of her like her own flesh and blood, even though they are not she still sees Puerto Rico as her little sister. They have known each other for a while mostly when the two lived with Spain, until USVI was taken away from Spain by Netherlands. Ever they were under America's rule the two have work together quite often with their islands being so close to each other. USVI frequently sees and visits her whenever she has time. Even if Isabella didn't she would make time for her sister.

Guam: USVI loves her as an older sister, and even though she thinks Guam can be a little suffocating, USVI knows she means well and wouldn't know what to do without her.

American Samoa: Gets along with her rather well. Seeing her as an actual friend. Some one she can go too when she needs, but won't because USVI does not wish to burden anyone with her problems. Still she'll will out for American Samoa when she feels it is needed.

Northern Marianas Islands: Doesn’t get a chance to talk to her much, but is quite excited when she does get to see her.[Note me to add more]


-The earring she has is a reminder of WWI. She lost the other when she was going to Denmark’s home but was caught in the crossfire on her way there.

-The flower bracelets cover the cut marks on her wrists. She doesn’t want anyone to know about them.

-USVI can speak and understand Spanish and French, very well.

-Does not speak Danish, but does understand the lanuage.

-Because of France, when she laughs for a while it sounds like France’s laugh.

-She loves tomatoes and cake.

-Even thought she doesn't speak of them she thinks highly of England and Netherlands as they had the most influence on her.

-Cats are her favorite animals

-Coffee is her favorite drink.

-Greece, Japan, and USVI would get along well considering all they would talk about is cats.

-USVI is the youngest of the islands.

-USVI also gets sick quicker.

-USVI is a Nymphomaniac. But she handles it better now.



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